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  1. Lord Reginer

    Article: How to prep your Models, why you should and assembly tips for fresh bloods.

    Please give the article a thumbs up if you find it useful! Alright, now first off some of you and I hope it's very few indeed. What I mean by prep is what you do to your models before glue even touches them. Then a whole collection of thoughts and tips from someone with 20-some years experience...
  2. Lord Reginer

    Zombi Brainstorming...

    Any one know a good Alternate model for zombies thats still made... aka not from the french company that made nice mini's but terrible games .
  3. Lord Reginer

    Review of Mantic's Skeletons and Ghouls by Disciple of Nagash

    the bases are the same size from Mantic, and i'll agree with every thing Vlad said minus the ghouls. I prefer Gw's however they have to be easier to rank up
  4. Lord Reginer

    Top five armies

    Dwarves are number one, at making sure any top tier army doesn't win big. They may not win games, but any one notice they are great at giving every one a pain in the ass to score a huge win.
  5. Lord Reginer

    Incoming! Warhammer 8th edition is official.

    How about the chaos dwarves event at games 2010. Kinda odd to have an event for an army that dosn't exist. Oh they will be back, phalic hats who can say but short pissed off stunies oh yea , oh yea Add to that, you notice how many times they've been mentioned in fluff lately.. they are...
  6. Lord Reginer

    How would you spend your first £140?

    Avoid the spear head, if you already have the book, the value of it is questionable. The Battalion boxes by far win the Bang for the buck category.
  7. Lord Reginer

    Greetings from spooky South Korea.ooooo

    Seoul... He's got SEoulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls Baby.. like the spirit host kind.. Hey oh! rim shots.
  8. Lord Reginer

    How to prep your Models, why you should and assembly tips for fresh bloods.

    Carpe Noctem's How to paint thread index Alright, Now first off some of you and I hope its very few indeed. What I mean by prep is what you do to your models before glue even touches them. Then a whole collection of thoughts and tips from some one with 20 some years experience putting together...
  9. Lord Reginer

    Raging Heroes - Asharah

    Honestly shes a character its okay for her to stand out a bit, thats why you got the model :D
  10. Lord Reginer

    Varghulf Help.....

    get your self a drill, a powered one. You won't regret it. I pin pretty much every thing i resonably can. and alot that a can't.
  11. Lord Reginer

    Yourself! On a picture...

    I don't think there exist a picture where i am not a blur, do to that i am always moving. Uploaded with
  12. Lord Reginer

    Various Questions + More

    Hmm the ink, though i don't like the shine ink gives, maybe combine the two?
  13. Lord Reginer

    Good Vampires in Warhammer?

    I got to disagree, there has been alot of refrences that The chaos gods, Tzeentch in particular as lord of magic positively HATES the undead. Due to the fact they are Unchanging, static and the total form of ORDER (in a very weird way). Further.. enter the character every undead player dreads...
  14. Lord Reginer

    Help me slay this dragon!!

    I am surprised your having trouble to be honest. That he has a mage on a dragon to me is some what baffling. Why would some one want to put there mage in a place where he can be engaged in combat. Since i also have a high elf army, i hope i can be of help. Really quickly lets make sure the...
  15. Lord Reginer

    Introduce yourself!

    Greetings my new friends I am Lord Reginer A fresh blood count here however with more years behind him then many who decree them selves acients. The armies i have lead over the years are as follow The Chaos dwarfs Over 5 thousand points by old stanards GLORY to the phallic shaped hats! The...
  16. Lord Reginer

    Magnetic Bases made easy!

    @onikaigo I'll have to hunt for it. Had two hard drive failures since then, i'll see if my buddy has it. There were several games played there. Warmachine we still play once in a while there. @Redarmy Thanks man, glad people are finding it helpful.
  17. Lord Reginer

    I like em big

    I am down for an Apoc expansion oh my goodness the DEALS and things i bought when they released that woo, yes Please fantasy apocalypse! As for castle sieges, there was a rule book for that last edition i think? i've been at this so long i can not remember. I expect we'll be seeing more of...
  18. Lord Reginer

    And You Say GW Don't Get the Internet...

    I am pretty sure these exist, supt instead of a gun is a little kid in asia. Man those painting services are cracking me up :D
  19. Lord Reginer

    Who has the most wounds?

    That wouldn't solve anything! Prime example: Blood bowl, if your familar with it, from the First couple editions. IT WAS BRUTAL Finess teams, barely had any one left at the end of the game. (Though they allways won the leagues still) Then one day the studio let some chap off the street in to...
  20. Lord Reginer

    Incoming! Warhammer 8th edition is official.

    Hi a couple things, i noticed not on the list. These have been confirmed to me by several sources one of which is pretty high up on the GW chain. Who so far hasn't steered me wrong. Magic phase, Is getting moved to before movement. The idea being that alot of the spells that sucked in some of...

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