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  1. Kassill

    How are we performing?

    So for those of you who have had a chance to get some games in, how are we performing? What's working, what's not. Any hidden gems or things that look better on paper versus the table? I'm hoping to get a game in this coming weekend (probably still 2nd edition unless one of us makes it to a...
  2. Kassill

    In the Court of the Dragon - Kassill's PLOG

    In the court of the dragon Death of gods and world In the court of the dragon You will know your worth (Trivium) Here's the kick off to my PLOG. First and foremost will be my Soulblight Gravelords, but I may show some other projects along the way. WIP Blood Knight, the armor is done, just...
  3. Kassill

    Juan Hidalgo Miniatures - 'Eavy Contrast Vampire

    Posted today, this guy does incredible stuff with Citadel Contrast paints. It's very satisfying to watch even if you don't ever plan to use Contrast.
  4. Kassill

    Poll: What's Your Favourite Soulblight Gravelord Dynasty?

    So with this exciting new release we get to see new and fleshed out Vampiric Bloodlines, or Dynasties. I'm really happy to see the return of the rightful rulers of the Undead to the tabletop. Age of Sigmar has been a slow grow appreciation for me, but now the time has come for the return of the...
  5. Kassill

    Grave marker things, where are they?

    Dusting off my old Death stuff and watching batreps of LoN and one thing I keep seeing is the "grave" marker things that the Death players place at the beginning. I cannot for the life of me find the rules for this system in LoN book. What page? Is it in the GHB? :grave:
  6. Kassill

    Dead forum?

    So this forum doesn't seem as UNdead as it used to be.... Anyone else still lurking the night? :vampire1:
  7. Kassill

    New to Soulblight

    So when AoS came out I like many shelved my minis and stepped away for a while. Now that I have a new LGS in town and a friend that's interested in AoS, I'm re-looking Aos over and discovered the Soulblight. How are Soulblight on the table? I've always fantasized about playing an entire...
  8. Kassill

    What do I actually need to start AoS? Rule wise

    So I've got the VC scroll thing and another pdf that has just 3 or 4 pages of general information. Is there an actual BRB for Age of Sigmar? I see on the site a $74 AoS book, a $25 Generals Handbook and a few other pdfs and such between the site and the app someone mentioned in passing. What...
  9. Kassill

    Skaven advice for a young Count

    So facing off against skaven for the first time tomorrow and wondering what things I should look out for. Also, are skaven vulnerable in any way to fear/terror tactics? Just wondering as I've been wanting to play around with some fear bombs. Thanks! :konrad:
  10. Kassill

    Dracula Untold

    I sooo can't wait for this! Looks incredible!
  11. Kassill

    Penny Dreadful

    So anyone watching Penny Dreadful? It's actually pretty good so far (granted only finished episode 2) but it's just the right amount of Gothic Horror good actors (Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett). I like it so far. Of course I'm a sucker for anything Victorian and Gothic :konrad:
  12. Kassill

    2K against Ogres

    So two(ish) weeks ago I played my buddies Ogres for the first time and squeezed out a win in turn 5. Now with that experience under my belt I did some tweaking to my list. Feel free to comment and criticize, but as this really is the models I have please don't just blatantly tell me I need...
  13. Kassill

    First game against Ogres coming up

    So up until now I've only really played 1 game (750pts) against my buddies Dark Elves. This weekend I'm going over to another friends house to really play my army to the fullest 2000(ish) points, give or take. This friend plays Ogres and I'm just wanting to know what to look out for, what to...
  14. Kassill

    Screaming in the Night

    So with the new year upon us I figured it'd be good time to start a plog of my Vampire Counts Army! First up my first completed VC model (aside from base, still unsure how to base this army) Next up, two old VC Battle Boxes form the core of my little army And...
  15. Kassill

    New VC models and Second Waves in WHFB

    So, being a newer player to Warhammer Fantasy, I can't help but wonder what the general wait time is for second waves?? Coming from 40k I know it can widely vary such as the Dark Eldar almost having everything in their book in plastic/resin within a year or so, to waiting like two years for GW...
  16. Kassill

    Skeleton Horde Formation

    So, hopefully going to play my first game of Fantasy soon (I was supposed to yesterday, but my buddy came down with something). Anyways, the main core of my force so far is my large 50 block of Skeletons with Spears, and I'm wondering how to rank them. I unfortunately don't have the rulebook...
  17. Kassill

    How to group my troops

    So, being completely new to Fantasy (40k player) I'm trying to figure out how best to run my core units. Specifically, Skeletons, Ghouls, Zombies. I have 50 Skeletons, 20 Ghouls, 40 Zombies. So, should I run 50 man block of skeletons, 20 man block of ghouls, and 40 man block of...
  18. Kassill

    Map of Sylvania

    Looking for the Map of Sylvania. The really detailed one that has a large grave marker in the bottom right corner. All the ones I seem to find are too small, and when I enlarge/zoom, the details blur and I cant make anything out. Thanks! :konrad:
  19. Kassill

    First VC model finished

    Got this guy yesterday with my buds who are starting Fantasy with me. Let me know what you think! I know the base isnt done and somewhere there is probably touch ups needed, but so far as im concerned at the moment, he is finished! :konrad:
  20. Kassill


    Hello all! Newbie here to Fantasy and the Vampires, just looking for a good place to talk about it and learn and this place looks like it! Been playing table top games since I got my first Heroscape set a few few years back, then jumped into 40K in 06 I believe it was. Played a few different...

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