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    Help me choose between three lists

    For list 1 I still have 10 points to give a champion to either the black knights or crypt horrors. Which do you guys think? The differences are subtle. List 2 has an extra spirit host, different banner in the bus and no champion in either the crypt horrors or the black knights. The vampire gets...
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    2500 VC vs. O&Gs

    Hey guys here's my battle report. You can read about my list in post #6 of this thread: Rough Deployment: OG: 1 2 3 4 5 67 8910 ********************BB***** *************************** *********B*****************...
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    4th Vargheist vs 2nd spirit host

    Hey guys I'm about to play a game at 2500 pts. I have a unit of 4 vargheists and a spirit host. I'm considering taking out a vargheist for a 2nd spirit host. Thoughts?
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    Single wizard VL builds

    Hey guys, The way I'm building my list now is that I've got my vampire lord in a black knight with a wight king bodyguard. The rest of list is crammed full of knights, crypt horrors, vargheists, a terrorgheist and chaff. Basically lots of scary units. If I include all of the units I want in my...
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    1000 points triumph and treachery

    Hey guys, I've never played with this format before but here's my first attempt: 255 MN: lvl 4, lore of undeath, Talisman of Preservation 230 MN: lvl 3, lore of vampires, Black Periapt, Master of the Dead 330 skeletons: fc 50 4 direwolves + doom wolf 45 spirit host 45 spirit host 45 spirit host...
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    is 1 lvl 4 enough?

    Hey guys, Im trying to build my knight bus list and just can't find points to put in another wizard besides my VL. What do you more experienced players think? Do you usually bring a back up? second lvl 4? lvl 2 for spell selection? Or is the main reason to bring another wizard to avoid...
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    How to beat ogres

    How to beat: slaughtermaster (+6 to cast, fencer's blades + glittering scales) gutstar in horde formation (like 20 models) with slaughtermaster and bsb 1-2 units of mournfangs 2 iron blasters stonehorn 6 or so leadbelchers 6 or so maneaters gnoblar block a couple sabre tusks + maybe a hunter...
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    2500 for game next weekend

    list for next weekend vampire lord: nightmare, shield, lvl 4, HA, ots, ob, top, rf, qb, summon creatures necro: lvl 2, ruby ring of ruin, book of arkhan wight king: barded steed, lance, nightshroud 3x 5 wolves 5 wolves with champion 50 sekeletons: fc, banner of swiftness 50 zombies: musician...
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    Cool magic heavy von carstein list for fun games

    This is a list mostly created with units that I want to play with. I won't be entering tournaments with it, just kick butt at my local store with some of the local players. I was hoping you guys could help me make it better and still fit with the von carstein theme 650 Mannfred on abyssal...
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    1500 for league please help!!

    my store is hosting a 6 week league next month and the games are 1500 pts. ive neverbplayed such a small game so i dont know what to expect or what to bring. heres the list i was thinking of: vampire lord : ots, top, ob, rf, qb, night mare, heavy armor, shield 3x 5 dire wolves 50 skeletons...
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    Raise dead

    Anyone know of some good guides for the raise dead spell?
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    Hero Beasts Vampire in knight bus

    I've been toying with the idea of using lore of beasts on a hero vamp in my knight bus. I already have a standard blender lord in there as well as a wight king with nightshroud. Pretty much all of the spells in that lore look super attractive to me. Especially the +1 s/t signature spell that can...
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    2500 points against O&G

    I am trying to build a list for my next game which will be 2500pts against O&Gs. Here is what I have now: 433 Vampire Lord #1 (general) HA, Shield, nightmare, lvl 1 LoV, Red Fury, Quickblood, Ogre Blade, OTS, Talisman of Preservation 527 Vampire Lord #2 Shield, nightmare, lvl 4 LoV, Red fury...
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    2000pts VC for game tomorrow

    Hey guys. I always have trouble writing 2000 point vc lists so hopefully you can help me out. Here's what I have at the moment: Vampire Lord 553 HA, Shield, ToPres, Ogre Blade, OTS, nightmare, lvl 4, red fury, quickblood, beguile wight king 154 nightshroud, lance, barded steed, shield 2x 5...
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    2400 Fast VC List

    Vampire Lord: 548pts Nightmare, HA, Shield, OB, OTS, ToP(4++), lvl 4 LoV, RF, QB, Summon Creatures of the Night Vampire: 235pts Nightmare, HA, Shield, Lance, Book of Arkhan, Dawnstone, lvl1 LoV, Aura of Dark Majesty, Beguile, Dread Knight Dire Wolves: 40pts Dire Wolves: 40pts Dire Wolves...
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    Another round of zombie dragon builds?

    So I finally got the large monster sized base that I ordered from gw. My plan is to put my mortarch mannfred on it and use it as a vampire lord on zombie dragon. Here are a couple builds I am considering: The Plain Jane: Ogre blade, talisman of protection, The Other tricker's shard, heavy...
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    Tips vs khorne daemons

    Hey guys I will be playing against khorne daemons either this week or next. There will most likely be a blood thirster and there will definitely be a bunch of blood crushers. There may or may not be a skull cannon, I'm honestly not sure
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    Some questions about banner of swiftness

    Example 1 Vampire is mounted on a nightmare in a unit of black knights. The black knight's standard bearer has the banner of swiftness. Q1: If the vampire charges out of the unit does he benefit from the banner? Q2: If the vampire moves out normally does he benefit from the banner? Q3: Vampire...
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    Undead Legion for tournament

    2500 points of Undead Legions Hey guys, My buddy (who plays tomb kings) and I are going to enter a tournament next month together and play Undead Legions! Here's the list that I came up with. You can tell I'm excited about getting a shooting phase! Vampire Lord: 524 Heavy Armour + Shield +...
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    2000pt army for game TOMORROW

    Hey can I get a little help on this list? Tactical and list building advice is really appreciated. I'm playing against orcs and goblins, but I'm not really trying to tailor my list because it's just a pick up game Master Necromancer (general?) 230pts lvl 4 + lore of vampires dispel scroll...

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