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  1. Sception

    Entry Thread - Turning the World to Darkness: More Beast than Man

    Oh, shoot, I got wrapped up in other projects and lost track of time. Uh, um, beastly themes... yeah, ok, here's my Cursed City Vargskyr, that fits the theme well enough.
  2. Sception

    Soulblight Gravelords - the range of new models

    The Soulblight Box is a great set for new players to start out with, so that's nice. But yeah, coming so long after the battletome release it's likely that any existing players already have as much as they need of this stuff - but that would be true for any similarly sized box set. The OBR...
  3. Sception

    AoS - 3rd Will we get Ushoran, The Carrion King as Mortarch?

    The Carrion King was a mortarch already, and at least as far as I understand mortarchs, that's kind of a permanent thing. I also doubt Nagash just wants to force Ushoran back into his prison. Nagash's punishments, whether purposefully or otherwise, often make the victims more useful tools for...
  4. Sception

    Vampire Lord Anasta Malkorion - Limited time model

    For those who don't like the head specifically, it looks like it should be quite easy to replace, and the Blood Knight heads should fit pretty well, unless there's something weird going on with its scale - lately hero models have been at a pretty large scale, but the blood knights were too so it...
  5. Sception

    Vampire Lord Anasta Malkorion - Limited time model

    I honestly really love this model, head included. Definitely have to try to pick one up. IMO all the recent vampire models have been really hitting the mark. A really nice aesthetic, imo. I just wish the rules for vampire heroes were a bit more impressive, and in particular allowed for a bit...
  6. Sception

    Entry Thread - Turning the World to Darkness: More Beast than Man

    Once again the Cursed City box I painted this summer will provide a ready entry here. Just have to choose between my Vargskyr and my Bloodborn.
  7. Sception

    Homebrew Legion of Sacrament update

    Changes cleaned up some wording removed the option to field morghasts. Yeah, they kind of should be there, but they kind of should be in the LoBlood and LoNight subfactions too, and they aren't there either, and as much as possible I want this optional lineage to conform to the design of the...
  8. Sception

    Death Factions in the Mortal Realms: a History

    First draft of everything done. Major copy editing needs to follow - lots of typos, lots of awkward wording. I also might pull out the bits talking about the various death factions and put them in the third post, separate from the lore description. That might make more sense. Anyway, as...
  9. Sception

    What's your favourite Soulblight rule?

    Good example. It's such a non-rule, too. It only triggers once for every 36 incoming wounds, at most you would expect it to save like 2 or 3 wounds total over the course of an entire game.
  10. Sception

    Show us your Thirsting Court (Cursed City Undead)

    Radukar the Wolf's Thirsting Court ruled over the benighted city of Ulfenkarn for generations. Thankfully, GW made The Wolf and his crew purchaseable from the website separate from the discontinued Cursed City box, and now that errata to the Soublight Gravelords battletome and General's...
  11. Sception

    So, what's everyone working on?

    Have been busy this summer. If my lightbox ever arrives in the mail, I'll try to get more/better pictures.
  12. Sception

    Entry Thread - Turning the World to Darkness: Resurrection

    I painted a bunch of stuff this summer, but the model that best fits the theme is 'Gorslav the Gravekeeper' from the Warhammer Quest: Cursed City box set. I really love this model, it's more or less exactly how I would envision a 'priest of nagash' looking. And it's AoS rules are actually...
  13. Sception

    Mustering from the Tomb

    I'm glad everything arrived alright!
  14. Sception

    New OBR FAQ, with RDP fix!

    I'm not sure the faq helps crawlers all that much. To give two of them +1 shot would require 2 lieges or a liege and katakros since a model/unit can still only issue (or receive) a single command ability per phase. And the faq changes don't change the main thing that reduced the efficacy of...
  15. Sception

    New OBR FAQ, with RDP fix! I honestly thought we were going to have to wait for a new battletome to get that. Still a significant downgrade from 2e's buff stacking, but the ability to use the same CA multiple times in the same phase, as...
  16. Sception

    Death Factions in the Mortal Realms: a History

    OBR description is up. Closing in on the end of the first drafts, once that's done I'll go back and start clean up work. As always, if I'm making any significant factual errors, please let me know.
  17. Sception

    W: New Blood Knight Head/Sword / H: Paypal (Completed)

    I don't know if your still looking for these, but I live in the US & recently assembled a box of blood knights. I used most of the helmeted heads, but only one of the swords. Here are the bits I have left over: If any of these will do, shoot me a pm with your address & a copy of this image...
  18. Sception

    What edition of WHFB was your favourite and why?

    I very rarely get oldhammer games in these days, though most of my tomb kings are still on squares to allow it. When I do play oldhammer, it's 8th edition, even though I'm not a big fan of the core rules, particularly the way they push huge units. That abandonment of new players in favor of...
  19. Sception

    Death Factions in the Mortal Realms: a History

    Added basic write ups for Nighthaunt and Legion of Grief. I have little experience with either faction, so any feedback from actual Nighthaunt players would be appreciated to be sure I'm not steering folks wrong. I also need to go back and revisit the Soulblight and FEC sections in light of 3e...

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