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  1. Antipodean

    4th Vargheist vs 2nd spirit host

    Once you've had a spirit host hold up a steam tank all game you never go back. Both Varhgeists are spirit hosts are useful for vastly different reasons. I'll admit my dire wolves have just as often let me down as succeed when they warmachine hunt - which is why I now either send multiple units...
  2. Antipodean

    Small Blood Knight units

    Been playing with a small unit for most of my games, and found most of the time they don't make it across the board. If they do, they usually kill small units/warmachines with ease but then so do my Dire Wolves who are cheap and core. I play mostly High Elves and Empire. Switching them out for a...
  3. Antipodean

    My luck is too bad.

    Bad things happen. Yesterday I cast my first spell on four dice with my Vampire Lord, double 6's to irresistible miscast, double 1's to cascade, 1 to get sucked into the warp, and more than half my army crumbled. Earthing Rod now an auto include for me.
  4. Antipodean

    Ideas on vampire hero builds

    It is against the rules because if you do, then your Vampire gets called Edward and tweenage girl groupies will attack en masse. On a more serious note this thread has helped me immensely and I plan to try out some of the ideas here over the next few games. Going to try a Red Fury, Silvered...
  5. Antipodean

    Antipodeans WIP log

    Quick update (1 day to go!) Block of zombies Mix of Skeletons Skeletal Steed begginings
  6. Antipodean

    Antipodeans WIP log

    Got the skeletons about half done, but ready for the tabletop at least. Expect to see a couple of blocks of zombies tomorrow, then cavalry the following days.
  7. Antipodean

    Antipodeans WIP log

    Thanks Santawraith. Starting with 2 lots of 25 on the board and hoping that number grows. So I have a great deal of work to do! Tournament is only a week away so I'm going to speed up the process. I have everything assembled now apart from 20 zombies which I shall do tonight. Assembled...
  8. Antipodean

    Raven's Nest O' Bones

    RE: Raven's Nest O' Bones - Update 26.04. - Hexwraith mounts Those hexwraith mounts are amazing! Nice work on the abyssal terror too. Looks like you have a lot of fun in the conversion corner.
  9. Antipodean

    Antipodeans WIP log

    The 1000pt game went ok. However I got absolutely slaughtered on the weekend by an fellow VC player with his screamer list. Never worried about crap VC leadership before then. Would of helped if I could get a single spell off before turn 4, and not having 7 knights die from dangerous terrain :O...
  10. Antipodean

    They came from the Barrows...

    Skeletons are looking good. The restricted use of jade really give them an otherworldly etheric look.
  11. Antipodean

    Antipodeans WIP log

    Quick update with some progress. Have my first game tomorrow, a cheeky 1000pt match to acquaint myself with the rules, and the new book. Should be interesting. Some ghouls and zombies on the block: Also my Vampire Lord arrived, using the gamezone model 'mournful knight 1'
  12. Antipodean

    Antipodeans WIP log

    Was at a fun 40k weekend over easter so have not done much work on the horde and next month I have that tournament drawing closer. Did some more work done last night though, and based the first ten dire wolves tonight just leaving them overnight to dry. Some unit fillers made from spare parts...
  13. Antipodean

    Johnny- Crass : Return of the Brush

    Some great inspirational stuff in here. Ghoul King rocks and he fits well with his little ghoul buddies. Shame about the table disaster but there is something rewarding about going crazy making terrain. Also Devlan Mud is well deserved of the god juice title.
  14. Antipodean

    Jediguru's Riposte: updated 1/12/15

    RE: A New Evil Arises Nice work so far. Picked up a whole bunch of mantic stuff myself to supplement the horde, much easier on the wallet, particularly where I reside. I like the colours on the skeletons, especially the green eyes. Something I may have to try on my doggies.
  15. Antipodean

    Antipodeans WIP log

    Hey everyone. Long time 40k player finally getting into fantasy. Played about 4 games end of last year, was away over summer holidays so getting back into the hobby, with a nice new rulebook. Time to get painting. Entered myself into a tournament first week of May, figure it will be a good way...
  16. Antipodean

    Movement Tray Question

    Easy way to make cheap movement trays, find some cardboard (I cut up boxes), cut to size, buy some fridge magnet sheeting, cut to size, cut more fridge magnet stuff and stick to bottom of model (may have to fill in bottom with putty as it is hollow. Few hours of work and bugger all cost...
  17. Antipodean

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi I'm Ryan, from New Zealand. Bought the 6th Ed VC book while playing 40k, bought some models few years later, bought 7th ed book after that, then finally started playing end of last year. Had about 4 games in total then went overseas for several months, now getting back into fantasy.

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