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  1. desfer

    Website and Chat are very slow

    Have some problems with the Chat. It is really slow. EDIT: Actually the whole website seems to be pretty slow.
  2. desfer

    Index of Painting Articles - Suggestion

    Hey guys, i see more and more ppl asking questions in the forum about things that have been answered many times before. Maybe the mods could add all the useful painting articles and links we find, in the painting articles section? That section is a bit dead to be honest and hasn't been updated...
  3. desfer

    Painting with one eye - New start: Ogre Kingdoms

    My 2nd army is Ogre Kingdoms. Although i have bought many models i haven't finished not even 1 unit :tongue: (how typical of me). Sooo, here i go. WIP: Maneaters: Half Painted Ogre Bull Standard Bearer:
  4. desfer

    Vampire lord with Great Weapon

    Hey guys, what do you think of this model as a vampire lord equipped with a great weapon? I think that although he is a chaos champion, he could easily pass as a vamp. I really like it :happy:
  5. desfer

    3D Printing!

    Hey guys, i was browsing the greek warhammer forums and someone posted this link. I thought it would be great to share it with you! I believe it's amazing!! (it's a shame he ruined it with his...
  6. desfer

    Reflection of light help

    Hey guys, i am trying to paint this guy (the one on foot), using gold NMM. I am a bit confused. Can someone tell me how does the light reflect on the plate on his right foot? I...
  7. desfer

    Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

    Some years ago Mythic Entertainment released Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, an MMORPG based on WHFB. Bioware is now releasing a new Free-To-Play version of the game, Wrath of Heroes. The game is still in beta phase. From what i've read in forums and gaming websites it is going to be an...
  8. desfer

    Paint Station

    I was googling and found this website. It has some fantastic-awesome-unbelievably impressive cases that "transform" (beat that optimus prime!!!) into paint stations!!! Since i don't know any spanish and translation didn't work very well the only thing i could do is...
  9. desfer

    E3 Expo!

    Did you watch E3, what did you and what didn't you like? Which company do you think won this year? For those who don't know, E3 is the greatest video game event. Every company announces their new software and hardware and their future plans. Here you can watch the press conferences of the...
  10. desfer

    Bye Bye Vlad Von Carstein miniature-> Welcome back Vlad von Carstein Miniature!!/find the mistake :P

    ...Well i tried remove the paint from that mini and the metal melted...the sword cut in half and some parts of the model turned into black which leaves big black stains. Should i try use gs and prime it or should i get rid of the model as fast as i can (any chance this effect is bad for my...
  11. desfer

    Desfer's Dwarfs

    I'll post photos of my Battle for Skull Pass dwarfs. I hope i'll be able to buy some more in the future and build a respectable dwarf force. In order to finish them quickly i am painting rank and file models using The Army Painter's Quickshade Strong tone. Those 2 on the right have been...
  12. desfer

    Quickshaded Ghouls

    I haven't painted for a looong time. I have many unpainted models and i hate that, so i decided to try army painter's quickshade strong tone. I searched on the internet for some tutorials, how to do it right and most ppl suggested to use a brush to apply the quickshade on models and then use a...
  13. desfer

    Rules Questions

    I played a game vs an opponent who used wood elves and lost badly! There are some things though that make me wonder if we played the game right. First of all when i told him that i have 2 wizards with forbidden lore special rule (same lore) he told me that one of them couldnt use any of his...
  14. desfer

    Question about dangerous terrain

    Does dangerous terrain limit movement? Is there any kind of terrain that limits movement like it used to be in 7th ed?
  15. desfer

    Questions about Green Stuff and other types of modeling putty

    What is the difference between blue and yellow putty (green stuff) and putties that have other colours? so far i ve found red, white, black, brown,grey. I am a bit confused i must say, i searched on google a bit but everyone writes different things. Some pp prefer white, while others say green...
  16. desfer

    How to paint clothes and leather?

    After a loooong time i decided to continue painting my GG and hope i ll finish them this time. I am having a hard time painting them. The colours i use are red and black, red dirty,rusty armour and black robes. Any advice how to paint clothes and leather? I want my army have a very dirty look...
  17. desfer

    Ogre Army-Is it worth it?

    I am interested in starting an Ogre Kingdoms army, gonna buy the battalion box. How do Ogres play in 8th edition? Are they better now? Also do you think that they can be competitive? Any help and tips you can give are welcome xD
  18. desfer

    Warhammer armies that are no longer available

    Last week i went to a warhammer tournament and i saw a beautifully converted and painted Araby themed army. Since i am new to the warhammer world (i started playing in the middle of 7th edition) i dont know what other armies used to have an army book and which were playable in previous editions...
  19. desfer

    Ideas how to deal with Deamons (?) and a Crazy idea how to kill a bloodthirster!

    Hey guys, in 3 days i am playing against a deamon player (he playes VC also so i dont think there are many things he doesnt know about our army :() i am trying to find a way to deal with his bloodthirster, i read in the tactics section that i can keep him out of the battle using wolves, bats, or...
  20. desfer

    how to remove paint?

    i am interested in removing the paint from an awfully painted Kharadrian model that my friend painted :O i tried the thing used to remove paint from nails, dont know how its called, but didnt seem to work very well...any ideas?

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