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  1. Reaper

    Article: Rust Effect on Weapons and Armour

    Please give the article a thumbs up if you find it useful! I saw some posts with tutorials and various painting techniques, so I decided I also share my experiences. If I break any rule, just delete this post. I would like to describe two ways of making rust effects I use. Wash technique...
  2. Reaper

    Show us your Fell and Swarm(bats)

    @Sukhmet: I agree, they are awesome :lol: Btw. can I ask where did you get those kitten models? They are very nice :)
  3. Reaper

    My VC, updated with Wight King!

    I agree with Adam_Barrow, it looks great! Are these some spare bits from new spirit hosts?
  4. Reaper

    Nagash and his Undead Legions

    Wow, you have done seriously great job! :thumbsup: Would you mind sharing your recipe for painting ghosts? As they look awesome (especially the new spirit hosts!)
  5. Reaper

    The Royal Court of Queen Layla

    Simply WOW! You have truly unique and well executed conversions there. Nice four-armed zombie you have there too :zombie1: And as was already mentioned, that Wraith with shovel is awesome xD
  6. Reaper

    Need some help with yellow

    Hi, I have seen your models shown in Show us threads, you really did a great job on them! :thumbsup: On such large surfaces like GG banner, yellow will almost always look a bit too clean unless you do something special with it I afraid. I would try stippling it a bit with brown, or "splashing"...
  7. Reaper

    Reaper's undead host

    Thank you! :) The ghosty look was not the original intention, but I like how it turned out as well :) Thanks! :) Thank you! :) Hehe, thanks :D Yeah, I was lucky to pick them in auction on eBay, for about 2-3 dollars each. Alas, I afraid I have no more old models left to paint :( In...
  8. Reaper

    Reaper's undead host

    Ookay, picture time! First off, here is shot of Space Ork I painted for my girlfriend. I wanted to do some freehanding on him, so I painted him space ork symbol on the chest, but it is not very visible. Then, there is the checque pattern on shoulder pad and bullet counter on bolter. He is still...
  9. Reaper

    Reaper's undead host

    Okay, thank you :) Now I just need to decide on the color of her skin. I thought about painting her with Pallid Wych Flesh and using blue with Lahmian medium for shading, as I need to give this recipe a try before I apply it to my characters. I also considered just painting her skin red, but I...
  10. Reaper

    Reaper's undead host

    Thank you both :) So you think that 5 bats that would remain me should be sufficient for Bat swarm base? I'm a bit afraid that they would no longer look like "swarm".
  11. Reaper

    Reaper's undead host

    Okay, I finished some of the models I got from ebay and I'm currently working on familiar converted from fairy. Here is original model: And here is my WIP. I cut off the wings and crown and modelled back her hair. I'm also considering adding bat swarms wings to her, but I'm not sure about...
  12. Reaper

    Hellfire skulls on Mannfred's Abyssal Terror

    I hope it will work, as it was just my guess :) Good luck with them and don't forget to show them after you finish, I really look forward to these new models painted :)
  13. Reaper

    Hellfire skulls on Mannfred's Abyssal Terror

    Hi, I do not own that copy of White Dwarf, or the new version I cannot remember name of, but I suppose you mean something like this? If so, for the skeleton I would start with black coat and highlight the...
  14. Reaper

    Aki's work

    Wow, you are doing really great job on those Dark elves :thumbsup: And you paint them fast :| Congratulations on your son, I hope he will be as talented painter and dedicated fan of Warhammer as his father ;)
  15. Reaper

    Reaper's undead host

    So I recently got package I ordered on eBay with bunch of really nice minis. I finally get my hands on some familiars, they are really funny models :) One is already finished, two more to go. Right now, I'm working on space ork for my girlfriend, which should be finished soon :) Next week (i.e...
  16. Reaper

    [Help] Painting pale skin

    Okay, thank you all! It seems that I will have to go shopping for Lahmian medium, Pallid Wych flesh and possibly Rakharth flesh.
  17. Reaper

    Turning the world to Darkness challenge: pirate zombies

    I just wanted to ask what is the time frame for this round?
  18. Reaper

    [Help] Painting pale skin

    Okay, thanks, I think Icould just mix these using my current range of colors. I used Enchanted blue, variously mixed with Skull White and dilluted with lots of water.
  19. Reaper

    [Help] Painting pale skin

    Thank you both! I looked up Rakarth Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh, as I do not have these colors. They both seem as regular grey colors, are they? Or do they have some other tone? My biggest concern are the darker areas. I actually want to avoid the Seraphim sepia heathy shading and wanted to aim...
  20. Reaper

    [Solved] Identifying old model

    Thank you!!! :) I was trying to find it too, but failed. I like miniature hunt topics too, but it is the first time I started one :D

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