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    The Return of.... well... me!

    Hi all, long time no see! This thread is mainly as an apology, Over the last few months I've had some very serious family health issues that have left me with both exceptionally limited free time and very little personal motivation for... well... much at all really. On top of this literally...
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    Wight King bodyguard unit?

    Hey all, So been tinkering with some ideas (especially ETC based tactics) and was contemplating the unit below: Ghoulking with toys 4 x Wight Kings 30+ Graveguard with Banner of Barrows Idea being, rank up 5 wide with the characters filling the front rank when combat starts, limiting...
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    Kind of an odd little list (2400pts ETC)

    Hi all, Well apparently the local tourney scene is all ETC these days, so I thought I'd take a stab at a list incorporating a few ideas I've been kicking around lately. LORDS - 600pts Strigoi Ghoul King (General) - Red Fury, Dragonbane Gem Strigoi Ghoul King - Aura of Dark Majesty Not...
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    The Terrifying Abyssal Lord of the Abyssal Terror! (2500pts)

    Hi all! So, as the title may of hinted, I'm tinkering with a list using the Abyssal Terror. there are a few reasons for this: 1) To be different 2) To use an old favourite model 3) He has a smaller footprint than ZD's or TG's 4) He's cheaper than ZD's or TG's I also had a few other...
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    You Dastardly True Bloods!

    hey all, It happened a little while ago, but just wanted to raise a bit of an irk I've had regarding people playing with titles etc. When titles were free to use, I changed mine for VAU's etc. It was unfortunately still changed when the zombie cost was initiated and I left it thus until...
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    Battlefleet Gothic based RP ?

    Hi all, First of all this is just to get ideas/ expressions of interest etc. for an eventual project I'd like to run. Essentially each player will be a captain in a mercenary-esque group operating in an obscure and distant sector of space. The story goes that very little funding makes...
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    Jack's Rippers (Ogres - 2500pts - competitive(?))

    Hi all! Working on some ogres on the side whilst my Necromancers are busy raising a new host. I'd like any feedback you could give on my list: LORDS - 360pts "Auntie" Jack Slaughtermaster Lvl.4 (Beasts) GW, Hellheart, Opal amulet My General, sits in the 2nd rank of the Irongut unit...
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    The "Beguiling Twins" 2500pts

    Hi all! For those of you who haven't been following, this is a list built off the "Beguiling twins" strategy located: and is the touching tale of 2 combat characters and their Beguiling exploits! LORDS -...
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    Deathstar concept: "The Beguiling Twins"

    Hey all, In tinkering with list ideas and trying to get the most out of my favourite lord (for those of you who haven't been following, I'm a staunch defender of the Strigoi Ghoulking) I've come across this combo. See what you think! Strigoi Ghoulking Items:Sword of Bloodshed, Dragonbane...
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    The Legion of Frost: Training Yard

    A large, spacious srea was set aside for training and drills. The clearing was flanked by a fast flowing stream on one side and a wooded copse on another, the trees having crude targets pinned to them or painted and carved into the bark as an ad-hock firing range. A furrow five men wide was...
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    League of Legends anyone?

    Hi all, Been playing League of Legends a bit lately (mainly co-op VS AI, not comfortable enough with a charater for PVP as yet) and was wondering who in the community here plays? I've seen a few display pics floating around I'm sure... If we can get a bit of a group going, we might even be...
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    Ghoulking VS VLord - Stats, Skills, Steeds and Shiny bits!

    Hi all! Now that we're all sinking our fangs into the new book, I thought it might be helpful to compare our 2 main options for "Badass of the Year 2012!" Please note this is meant as a comparitive, I'm not trying to say one is better then the other, or to push a particular build. It is...
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    Got you by the Ghoulies!!! (2500pts)

    So, first planned list from the shiny new book I opened for the 1st time an hour ago! LORDS - 615pts Maydrek the Deformed (Ghoulking) Mount - Fusrodah the Terrorgheist Powers - Aura of Dark Majesty, Beguile, Dreadknight Magic Items - Skabscarth, Dragonbanegem HEROES - 410pts...
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    Pokery-Jiggery Raisin' the Ghoulies! (2500pts)

    Hi again all! Well, after another sound thrashing by beastvamps Daemons, I'm tinkering with my list, Please let me know what you think: LORDS - 440pts Vampire Lored - Lvl.3, Forbidden Lore (Beasts), Infinite Hatred, DreadKnight, Bloodrinker, Crown of the Damned, Dragonhelm, Black...
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    Brisbane Floods

    Hi all, Just wanted to let you all know I'm high and dry, and hoping any other Carpe-Noctemians who are in the larger Brisbane area are as well off as I am. best wishes all!!!
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    Cadre Dreadgrass (1500pts of mechs & guns!)

    So, my Nids have been put on pause due to time constraints, (Thank god I only plan to get married the once! lol) so I'm dusting off my very first 40K army... Tau! I'd really appreciate some feedback on my list so far: HQ - 305pts Shas'O Kauyon'Shi - Plasma Rifle , Fusion Blaster, Multi...
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    Incoming Grey Knights! Woot!

    Anyone else excited about the apparent re-release of Grey Knights/ Daemonhunters supposedly coming in the 1st half of next year!?! Grey Knights were one of my all-time favourite armies back in the day (them and Tau, and now Nids, so a good mix!) but they didn't really seem to mesh with the...
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    Tis the Season, to pop questions, fa-la-la-la-la...."

    Okay, in a bizarre twist of fate, I too, proposed to my Girlfriend over this Christmas break! So, we started dating 2 years ago, our first date was the 24th of December, we had a picnic at the Botanical Gardens, exchanged gifts, etc. So, I'd had the ring made, but missed the deadline to...
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    Nid list assistance please!

    Hey all, So on the sidelines I'm slowly assembling a bit of 40K stuff thats amassed over the years (Tau and Daemonhunters thus far) and I'm looking at starting up some Tyranids. Was wondering if people (or whatever, we're nids, we're not fussy!) could give me a few pointers on my list and...
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    NSFW-Sexiest Warhammer based artwork?

    So, I thought it was about time for another light hearted (but, in the nature of CN's Beast Within section, somewhat perverted xD) discussion in here to give us all a bit of light hearted reprieve. Theres a lot of very serious and personal discussions rolling around atm, so I thought we could...

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