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  1. woodster17

    Entry level VC advice.

    Extremely general thread I know but I'm new to playing VC on a table, been familiar with their fluff and loved it for years but only just started an army. How do I play tactically? I've heard about some generals going for points denial while others march and swamp in close combat. When it...
  2. woodster17

    Marriage and Vampirism

    Carrying on from a topic from Warseer, someone asked about characters in Warhammer that are romantically involved. Turns out there isn't a huge amount- Tyrion/Alarielle, Orion/Ariel, Boris Todbringer, Von Raukov and Leitdorf have sons,Phoenix Kings have the Everqueen consort and children but...
  3. woodster17

    1k Noob List- Advice Needed

    Evening all. This is the first list I've ever stuck up for peer review and in fact the first VC list I've ever written with the intention of gaming with it. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing with my heroes and if a major revamp is needed to make it a more standard list then I would be happy...
  4. woodster17

    Hi all!

    Thought I'd jump in an introduce myself. Decided to join since VC are my favourite army 'fluff' wise but I'd never committed to collecting them. That's about to change! Painted up my first model today (was a Cairn Wraith so spent a fair while on it) and looking forward to getting going. If...

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