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    Multiple Terror Charges

    Although Terror has been nerfed since 7th edition due to it only functioning when the terror-inducing unit charges and not when it is being charged, there is one change in 8th edition which is advantageous. This is the ability to cause multiple Terror tests on the same enemy unit. This is...
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    Strigoi 8th Edition Feedback

    And as for IoN and the Vengeance Riders, why not consider them as under the domain of Summon Creatures of the Night? It would allow that power to get more use.
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    Strigoi 8th Edition Feedback

    I'm a little confused. Hasn't Ghoulkin been replaced by Ghoul Master (or are you just using the two terms interchangeably)? Also, since the Vengeance Riders were given the Free Will ability, wouldn't they fall under the allowed vanguard units under the Ghoul Master ability?
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    Strigoi 8th Edition Feedback

    Alas, I have another question also related to the Vengeance Riders. When a vampire with Batform joins one of these units, do the Vegeance Riders lose the Fast Cavalry ability? (It would be awesome if the Batform power gave the character Fast Cavalry...) Thanks
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    Strigoi 8th Edition Feedback

    Will do! (Although I am for the short term in the farmlands of western North Carolina without a soul or hobby store in sight...) When you guys have time, let me know the ruling on the Fear of the Hunter power to know what subset of monsters are affected by the Terror... Thanks again!
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    Strigoi 8th Edition Feedback

    Thanks for the replies. One more question... Would the court ghouls need to first lose frenzy in order to use their free will ability? (fleeing from combat) Thanks
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    Strigoi 8th Edition Feedback

    Thank you very much for making this list! I am a ghoul lover and this is exactly what I was looking for. I have a couple of questions that I was hoping you could clarify. Does the fear of the hunter power cause terror in pure monsters? not monstrous beasts or cavalry? I do love the idea...

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