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  1. Abbysal

    Spirit Hosts WIP

    I promised myself I wouldn't do another WIP thread but Oh lordy lord I can't help myself!! [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] I promise to finish this one! Promise, promise, promise! Oh and when it's finished I will look into casting it!:zombie:
  2. Abbysal

    Ideas Ideas Gotta get them out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey y'all, Can you all do a search for me and see what you can find in the way of sculptures on arses, Genitalia, Full body casts etc.. as I've got an idea for a business involving casting everyone I knows butt cheeks to start and then progressing to other areas...
  3. Abbysal

    Zombie Dragons approaching (possible NSF or whatever warning, I'll let you know when)

    OK, hello Ghouls and Gals......ahem. As My ZD and also Sanais ZD don't seem to be getting as much attention as they should, we thought we'd get this beautiful creature raised and causing havoc together, along with anyone else that would like to take up the challenge. I think that deadlines...
  4. Abbysal

    40K 6th Edition Rules are leaked!

    Downloading them now, don't think I can openly say where you can get them here but I am happy to send a link via PM if that's acceptable or you can search them yourself or get the run-down on Dakka Dakka. Some exciting stuff about Titans and Fliers, The turn sequence is all changed and there's...
  5. Abbysal

    NSFW: Best (sculpted) Butt Cheeks

    I'd like to honour the fine men and women who endeavour to sculpt probably one of the hardest parts of human anatomy to sculpt (hands are boring). Please add any of your favourite Cheeks and make sure they're sculpted (from a sculpting medium, NOT a month at the Gym!). My first entry is...
  6. Abbysal

    What's Wrong?

    Anatomically, aestheticaly, personally, Armour, Hair, hands, feet, claws, butt cheeks, eyes, nose, lips, mouth, anything. Look at this anyway you want, why you wouldn't purchase the miniature, what you would convert if you did. Post up miniatures available commercially, any work in...
  7. Abbysal

    Biggest Rip Off?

    What do you think the biggest rip off is within our hobby? Taking in to account all manufacturers, game systems, hobby supplies, art and literature? I'll start with my recent discovery (probably a bit late) that Necron Flayed Ones are now 5.10 pounds each!!!!!! 25.50 for 5 little itty bitty...
  8. Abbysal

    New Ork list

    Only 750 points so far, getting everything painted before I push to 1,000. OK, Warboss 125 power claw Shoota/Scorcha Attack squig Eavy armour Cybork body 15 Ard boy shootas 170 Nob, boss pole and uge choppa 25 shootas 150 Zzap gun battery (3) 100 +6 Grots 3 ammo runts...
  9. Abbysal

    Getting my green sh@% together

    Hey everyone, My friend and I are starting our 40K armies over. I'm going with my first love the Orks. I have put together my 750 point list that I'll post somewhere else so that you can tear into it at your leisure. First up the two Kans that I've named W@#$A and Toss-pot and...
  10. Abbysal

    We love GW

    Hey all, with all this griping about how GW seem to want to simultaniously screw us over and shoot theirselves in the foot at the same time with things like price hikes, new distribution rules etc. I thought it might be a nice change to say something nice about the money grabbing gits! Here's...
  11. Abbysal

    a Tale of Painters: The Brothers band NSFW. Darkhide and Moonhide.

    I hope I've done this right. These are the first pics of my Mordheim Warband, Beastmen Raiders. Brothers torn from the womb of a noble women of Mordheim just after the comet struck, abandoned but alive the youglings had the lethal combination of the strength and viciousness of Darkhide...
  12. Abbysal

    Pure awsomeness!!

    Hey everyone, I don't know how many of you have seen this already, I just stumbled upon it myself. After doing so I thought it might be good to have a thread just for amazing pieces of work...
  13. Abbysal

    Vampire Baby on the way

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you all in on the great news, been busting to tell you all but 3 month's of mum's the word and all that!! My beautiful wife is pregnant with our first childxD 12 week scan today and everything seems dandy.She (just a gut feeling, I'll be as proud as punch...
  14. Abbysal

    Wonderful Zombie Dragon

    We have to find out who he or she is! We must have her or him on this site! Superb models absolutely superb!!
  15. Abbysal

    Warhammer Forge and Games Day

    Oh My, Oh My, Oh My, I think I'm going to go all gushy and stupid at how F@#$ing Awesome all of the new stuff from Forgeworld is going to be!!! Start saving your pocket money boys and girls, your wallets in for a world of pain...
  16. Abbysal

    New Miniatures or just conversions?

    Hey I'm probably seeing things again but on today's GW post third picture (middle left) when you click on it is that a new Chaos Dragon miniature i see? It's pretty big wings are up, long tail behind the marauder horse men!:zombie:
  17. Abbysal

    Abbysal Terrors are gonna rock!!

    Hey with the new rule making Monstrous Beasts like Great Eagles and such come under Monstrous mounts rules, that means that we don't randomise hits AND you use the highest wound characteristic for the whole model!! So a Lord with Wristbands of Black Gold will get a 3+Ward save for the whole...
  18. Abbysal

    Grave Guard and ASF

    Does a GG unit with great weapons given ASF via VDM go at Initiative value in 8th? Great weapons have Always strikes last now and ASL cancels out ASF so will Vanhels be less effective now?:zombie:
  19. Abbysal

    Wight King with Hand of Dust

    Any reason why not? With the new rules you have to roll to cast bound spells but even a non wizard is able to do this. Of course you could lose the WK to a miscast, but if you get a pretty poor roll for your dice generating you could just surprise someone with a bit o death before the WK...
  20. Abbysal

    Finished Art and Concept scetches

    I have seen some amazing Art here and I thought it might be nice to have a thread here to show some Art pieces or Concept sketches anyone might have been working on. Now I'm not sure if I am treading on any ones toes here or whether there is an existing thread of this type or whether this is...

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