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  • It's time once again to ferret out those murderous vampires in a new VAU - Vampires Amongst Us. A cross between Cluedo and a roleplay, sometimes gory and often hilarious! Find out more and sign-up! here.
  1. The Dread King

    VAU: Interest

    Hey RPers, it's been a while since we've had an active RP but I am ready to roll and if anyone is interested in taking part of a VAU, say so here and now and I will set one up. I have one planned already, so please sign up if you might want to participate in one! xD Cheers, TDK.
  2. The Dread King

    TVC II Supplemental Chapter 0 - Flashback: The Path to Undeath

    Geheimnisnacht. The most terrifying night of the year. At least, according to the local townsfolk of Immenburg. The dead would rise and roam the fields; corpse carts would rattle through alleyways, and the undead would claim their toll. Morturion had always disagreed with the simple-minded folk...
  3. The Dread King

    TVC II Chapter 8 - Stealth and Subterfuge

    OOC: this post was co-written by myself and GoW. Morturion waited outside the council meeting room for a time, after realising he still had a matter to discuss with Karl - although one to be discussed in private, given that the details of his mission were only to be divulged to the cell going...
  4. The Dread King

    TVC II OOC The Character List

    This thread has been created so that RPers can easily access the user list (detailing inactivity/activity statistics for individual users and the TVC II as a whole). Posts in this thread making suggestions and modifications for improvement to it are encouraged. Monthly updates are made to it...
  5. The Dread King


    I seem to have accidentally liked one of DoN's posts (see here). I hope this was through careless tapping on a touchscreen phone, but wanted to check if anyone else had been having a similar problem. I had visited this thread, but had never attempted to like a post on it. I actually quite...
  6. The Dread King

    TVC II OOC Character Mottos

    I noticed this thread in the old TVC OOC, and I thought it looked like good fun. So all you have to do is put down one (or more) mottos for the characters that you have in the TVC II, as well as any mottos you could think of for any other characters in the TVC II. So, to start it off, Morty's...
  7. The Dread King

    The Rare Bloodlines, Dark Lords and Other Infrequent Undead

    I hope this is going to be a big thread if it works well, so I might as well explain its objectives! NOTE: whilst I know there is a thread dedicated to the lost bloodlines, it is purely based upon some bloodlines (rather than general undead) and discussion has not taken place in there in a...
  8. The Dread King

    TVC II OOC Electing our mini-GMs

    In the past, many of us working on the TVC II agreed there should be "mini-GMs" to help DoN and Simon with the shedload of work that the TVC II can become for two very busy GMs, and to stop inactivity. The role of these mini-GMS has yet to be set in stone, with some suggesting they should know...
  9. The Dread King

    Help with an 800pt tournament

    *Fluff* Witherer the necromancer bit his lip, unsure of how to carry out his master's commands. 'Destroy them all', he had said, but Witherer was still didn't know how to best go about destroying them. Looking into the dark orb that was the Teaching of Abhorash forum, he discovered the unholy...
  10. The Dread King

    TVC II OOC What does your character look like on the tabletop?

    This is a thread in which people can post pictures of the models that represent their characters in the TVC II. You can also post pictures of models of things described in the TVC II, for example: the giant mechanical worm, the fleshwyrm of chaos it becomes, Simon's airship, or Drakenhof castle...
  11. The Dread King


    Lords 350pts Heinrich Kemmler (G) Infantry; Special Character None Heroes 205pts Krell, Lord of Undeath Infantry; Special Character None 90pts Necromancer Infantry Dispel Scroll Minimum Core 145pts Zombies Infantry x45 Musician; standard bearer 145pts Zombies Infantry x45 Musician; standard...
  12. The Dread King

    Skeletons or ghouls?

    This is actually a very specific question. Which is better for bunkering/guarding Mannfred in an 800pt game, skeletons or ghouls? I think I'll have about 20+[/align] of them guarding him.
  13. The Dread King

    Creating campaigns-help

    The title is self-explanatory; should we create campaigns here? I'm thinking of designing the rules and fluff for a campaign; where do I post it? Some advice on creating campaigns would be much appreciated as well, so that the campaign itself is appreciated fully.[/align]
  14. The Dread King

    10,000pts of OnG hell-adivce needed

    I'm trying to make a competitive but fun 10,000pts list! Any advice on whether I should change this or not would be welcomed. P.s.Gigantic spider goblin boss goes with 5 trolls Wurrzag, The battle standard and lucky shrunken head shaman all go in the big 'un block. All NG characters go in the...
  15. The Dread King

    The 'hurry up and post!' thread

    The whole point of this thread is to aggravate and pressure the posters to post on the TVC. We will work methodically on each of them (when it is their turn) and make uber-killy warscythes to attack them with (among other things). Basically, if you're annoyed with the speed of posting on the...
  16. The Dread King

    I lost THE GAME!!!

    If you are reading this, you will have realised that you have lost THE GAME! If you do not know what THE GAME is, here is a brief explanation: -You have to try to not think about THE GAME -If you do think of THE GAME, you lose THE GAME and then you have to say "I lost THE GAME"!!! -Once you...
  17. The Dread King

    How do you take out these pesky dwarves in 800pts?

    The title is self-explanatory. Please could you give me some tactics on how to beat dwarf in 800pts? The dwarf duo of doom (my opponents) always takes: an organ gun, about 29 (or maybe 24) hammerers with a champion, a thane with the rune of gromril (or rather the rune of the 25pt 1+ (or...
  18. The Dread King

    Legion of Nagash 8th edition games workshop tradition-new units!

    With the release of most of the 8th edition army books comes a host of new units and special characters. Some new special character suggestions have been made in the 'non-dreadlord special characters in the legion?' thread but feel free to make some more there. However, due to games workshop 8th...
  19. The Dread King

    Making a decent Kemmler-Krell list

    I want to make a competitive, but not too cheesy and broken, Kemmler-Krell deathstar list. My main opponents are (in order): dwarfs (usually face them), empire, dark elves, tomb kings, bretonnia, daemons of chaos (hardly ever face them). Tactics: Kemmler+ Krell in GG deathstar which is in...
  20. The Dread King

    Legion of Nagash Somebody save the legion!

    With the end of the TVC being approached, some seem to have given up on the legion. Nothing has been updated for a long time, and very few posts are made. It seems that interest in the legion has died down. Maybe there weren't enough people to kickstart it. Anybody who still has an interest in...

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