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  1. El Syf

    Questions about AoS

    2000 is considered standard game size, not too sure on low standard. Varghulf you would have to ally in and would not benefit from any of the allegiance abilities. You could always use the model as the thing with a similar name from the cursed city box though? Depending on how easy going your...
  2. El Syf

    AoS - 3rd Winter Balance Update for Undead is here!

    Nagash has never really been worth his points in any iteration. Losing access to the 6+ ward is surely some sort of oversight though? Thought they’d make morikhane cover everything to get round that but apparently not. :( Also as others have said spirit attacks no longer doing mortals is pretty...
  3. El Syf

    SBGL Battletome Update in Dec White Dwarf

    Or maybe the fabled Vampire Lord on Nightmare?!? In all seriousness a VL on nightmare that lets Blood Knights gain +1 attack or -1 rend from a command ability would be awesome.
  4. El Syf

    Kastelai list to face nighthaunt 2k

    Thanks guys, sorry been really busy recently. I know I’m probably going up against a list with Olynder, black coach and a cruciator probably no hexwraith spam. I don’t have any zombies or coven throne. But have untold amounts of skegs, plenty of grave guard, 15 black knights, 6 vargheists and 5...
  5. El Syf

    Kastelai list to face nighthaunt 2k

    So wanted peoples thoughts on this, I've forgone my usual combo of Vhordrai and Manfred as especially in Vhordrai's case I think he's a bit wasted on Nighthaunt. Crimson Court I thought would be fun and I love those models. Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords - Lineage: Kastelai Dynasty - Grand...
  6. El Syf

    First Game with Soulblight Gravelords

    Yeah I've read through it very briefly and fully agree we're in a good place for 3rd ed.
  7. El Syf

    First Game with Soulblight Gravelords

    So over the weekend I had my first game still playing 2.0 at the moment as I've been lazy and not purchased the new book. Army list was made up of models I had painted and in no way optimised for anything. Kastelli Dynasty. Prince Vhordrai Manfred Vampire Lord Necromancer 20 Skegs 20 Skegs 3...
  8. El Syf

    AoS - 3rd Abhorash - Any chance of a return?

    It's incredibly difficult, I've been on the Abhorash bandwagon for many years but in all honesty I'm now at the stage where I'd prefer him to remain a lore character only. As others have said the expectation versus the reality would be disappointing. Josh Reynolds did a lot of good in my...
  9. El Syf

    Finally bought our new house!

    Congratulations, really lovely property, looks full of character.
  10. El Syf

    What edition of WHFB was your favourite and why?

    Wasn't that 5th? Then 6th had them and then Bloodlines proper went away from 7th ed. 6th ed had my favorite army book cover for sure :)
  11. El Syf

    What edition of WHFB was your favourite and why?

    Purely from a VC point of view (and the fact I was very late to the party for 5th ed) 6th was outrageous with how stacked out you could make a Vampire Lord. Loved it. My memory is hazy but I liked 7th and 8th equally really; even End times 8th I enjoyed quite a bit, as it was just over the top...
  12. El Syf

    Broken Realms Teclis spoilers & discussion

    Well the original intention of the spell was to kill everything in all the realms, then the Skaven messed it up (and saved everyone), but I don't recall the explanation of the Shyish Nadir. But the endless spells etc were all a result of it not going totally to Nagash's plan and magical energies...
  13. El Syf

    Broken Realms Teclis spoilers & discussion

    From what I remember wasn't Nagash's original plan that his great spell would wipe out all life in the mortal realms? Then the skaven got into the pyramid and buggered it up, thus causing the Necroquake but saving everything from becoming undead. Been a while since I read through it though so...
  14. El Syf

    Kastelai 2k

    Yep, idea being the command trait and artefact should let them stick around and cause that bit extra damage if they do wind up in combat, I know master of retaliation does d3 mortals on a 2+ instead of a 3+ but the vamp might not survive to the end of the phase so thought the risk in a 3+ was...
  15. El Syf

    Kastelai 2k

    So this is the list I'm toying with, I don't actually have all the Blood Knights yet but wanted others thoughts. The Fell Bats are more of an insurance against unleash hell than anything else. And the plan would be for the Blood Knights Prince V and Manfred to be ultra aggressive and the skegs...
  16. El Syf

    3e cheat sheet

    Thank you for doing that, will be a massive help for me for sure. :)
  17. El Syf

    What's your favourite Soulblight rule?

    As @TMS has said the rules for Kastelai really do it for me; they are very thematic to that dynasty and actually useful and encourage players to make glorious charges to get the buffs. Other than calling them blood dragons I could not have asked for more really :).
  18. El Syf

    Your Favorite Mortarch?

    Had to change to Katakros, sorry Arkhan. And yes mostly just because of his hilariously large Codpiece, also managing to actually get stuff done is rather refreshing.
  19. El Syf

    3D Printing: Acceptable or Not?

    Purely based on GW's latest. They will not accept any third party let alone 3d printed stuff at any of their official/endorsed tournaments.

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