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  1. Shadow of the Night

    Soul Reapers

    This Hex-wraith special rule does not state that it is rider exclusive, as killing blow does with black knights. So does it apply to the attacks of the skeletal steed?
  2. Shadow of the Night

    Ogres and 2nd rank characters and challenges

    Corien instead of derailing this thread I invite you to discuss the issue here:
  3. Shadow of the Night

    The DBG over a Tali of (preservation or endurance) on a SKG

    Before we begin the discussion I would like to set some parameters: The SGK will be the army general He will be built for combat (i.e. RF, nasty weapon) He will be inside a unit (most likely ghouls) So, from here I feel that the SGK is far to vulnerable with just a regen save...
  4. Shadow of the Night

    Ogres and 2nd rank characters and challenges

    Have you considered giving him a real save. for only 12.5 more skaven slaves you can upgrade the DBG to the 5++ talisman. If your SGK is your general, IMO hes to valuable to just be walking around with two situational saves. Most builds I've seen don't use their complete magic item allowance...
  5. Shadow of the Night

    Thoughts on this Ghoul King

    The answer is sometimes i think. As there are two situations which this could happen in. #1 You have two characters with FH who are already in a non-flying unit. If both characters leave at the same time, they can form a unit together (I think). #2 You have two characters with FH...
  6. Shadow of the Night

    Thoughts on this Ghoul King

    That was part of the reasoning behind the tali'o preservation, Id much rather have a real save than just leave it regen. I like to move him around on his own, and having a save that can be removed seem like such a risk, especially when theirs a whole lore of magic that makes him look like a...
  7. Shadow of the Night

    Thoughts on this Ghoul King

    Opinions please: SGK with RF, flying horror, fencers blades, tali o'preservation, Potion o'str. The idea is to keep him a backfield threat, chewing up small regiments in a turn or two. He would lead a air force style army, lots of bats, bat swarms, bigger bats, wolves a TG or two.
  8. Shadow of the Night

    If you could change just one thing....

    Here's what I would like to see with cannons/stone throwers: Only allowed to pivot up to 90 degrees when choosing a location for the marker Place marker Ballistics skill test to see if marker scatters (use scatter dice and D6, as the shot may go wide if the crew fails to aim right) First...
  9. Shadow of the Night

    The Epic Thread

    The best old war story i have is back in 3rd (or 4th) my slann general managed to kill a chaos lord in CC (this was back when they were mounted on 2 cave bases and had more attacks due to the saurs guardians). But the look on my opponents face, priceless!
  10. Shadow of the Night

    What size base are you putting your Hellsteed's on?

    The minimum is a 25mm by 50mm. The old GW hellsteed/abyssal horror is on a 50mm b 50mm base. The important thing is what model you are using as a base (ie if your using a bret Pegasus, or a dark Pegasus or empire Pegasus) the base supplied it generally what you should mount it on, if you go...
  11. Shadow of the Night

    Is the stone of rebirth enough?

    Funny I was just about to edit my post with: Or should I split the casting duties off to a MN and take a ghoul king..... But the reason i wanted the VL is I want to take advantage of the SCotN power, could this power work on a ghoul king? Or will his lack of wizard levels make the power...
  12. Shadow of the Night

    Is the stone of rebirth enough?

    So i was curious about the forums opinion about a dual engine list where the general takes the seed of rebirth. Would this be enough protection on a lord if he stays close to the engines? The reason to use such a cheep second save item is to open up the arcane slot for the book of ashur, to...
  13. Shadow of the Night

    Cairn Wraiths' Chill Grasp in units

    Yes please explain why they would not be able to use their chill grasp as a supporting attack. Citations of the rules that support your position would be preferable.
  14. Shadow of the Night

    What do you think of this defensive build of a VL?

    Good points all around, I did mean a lvl 4 his price would be 499 as a lvl 3. But then i ask do you thing think that for a competitive VL: Do you have to go with some sort of blender? Is a VL that does not take RF, not worth taking?
  15. Shadow of the Night

    What do you think of this defensive build of a VL?

    VL with heavy armor and shield and 3 magic levels Beguile, Master of Black Arts, Summon Creatures of the Night Talisman of Preservation, Tricksters Helm, Ironcurse Icon. Totals at 534, has Saves of 3+/4++ The big thing, is assuming a successful beguile, your opponent will be forced to...
  16. Shadow of the Night

    Painting a Metallic Red/Black

    When painting a metallic red I've found a gold base works much better than sliver. after you paint the armor gold just use 4-5 ink washes and it comes out an amazing shinny blood color.
  17. Shadow of the Night

    Master of the Dead / Summon Creatures of the Night question

    Also, it should be noted that while a second caster (with out the extend units powers), while they cannot add additional models they can heal a multi wound model up to his full compliment of wounds. This only applies to bat swarms, but is an important note
  18. Shadow of the Night

    If you could change just one thing....

    I can see how some people may not like the stacking of saves, but i do miss having three saves on a VL. But I to love the idea of hit boxes. It would be nice to have a standard dimensions for models biased on base size, if the model has large target and what not. It would clarify the rules...
  19. Shadow of the Night

    Tackling the Zombie Problem

    Also, speaking for the GW zombie kit. each kit and easily nets you 30-40 zombies+filler. One missing arm on a zombie equals a second base with a had clawing its way out of the dirt, one torso here, walking legs there, makes for some fun conversions. The grave stones provided (4 i believe)...
  20. Shadow of the Night

    If you could change just one thing....

    I would also like regen to take place after a ward save not instead of it.

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