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  1. Vorizah Vukotic

    Throne of Skulls 2400 list

    hey guys just looking for a bit of feedback on the list I plan to take to Throne of Skulls this October, I've never played in a fantasy tourny before so any obvious blunders in my list please point out!!! so without further ado Vampire Lord Forbidden Lore (Death) Dark Acolyte...
  2. Vorizah Vukotic

    Looking for new opponents

    Not sure if this is the right section for this but couldn't find where to post it basically I've just moved into nottingham a couple O months ago and I'm looking for nice friendly game, due to family commitments I can't often get to veterans night etc.... and most of the people I've played...
  3. Vorizah Vukotic

    My first 2000pt 8th ed army

    Vampire Lord -Red Fury Beguile infinate Hatred Flayed Hauberk Sword of Bloodshed Vampire - Forbidden lore lord of the Dead Armour of Fortune Sword of Striking Wight Lord - Skeletal Steed Sword of Kings Vampire - forbidden...

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