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  1. El Syf

    Kastelai list to face nighthaunt 2k

    So wanted peoples thoughts on this, I've forgone my usual combo of Vhordrai and Manfred as especially in Vhordrai's case I think he's a bit wasted on Nighthaunt. Crimson Court I thought would be fun and I love those models. Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords - Lineage: Kastelai Dynasty - Grand...
  2. El Syf

    First Game with Soulblight Gravelords

    So over the weekend I had my first game still playing 2.0 at the moment as I've been lazy and not purchased the new book. Army list was made up of models I had painted and in no way optimised for anything. Kastelli Dynasty. Prince Vhordrai Manfred Vampire Lord Necromancer 20 Skegs 20 Skegs 3...
  3. El Syf

    Kastelai 2k

    So this is the list I'm toying with, I don't actually have all the Blood Knights yet but wanted others thoughts. The Fell Bats are more of an insurance against unleash hell than anything else. And the plan would be for the Blood Knights Prince V and Manfred to be ultra aggressive and the skegs...
  4. El Syf

    Inferno short stories Near the bottom of the page, it mentions the return of inferno and interestingly josh Reynolds has written two warhammer chronicles pieces for it. One beig titled waking the dragon, I know this could be about anything but there...
  5. El Syf

    Age of Sigmar New edition hopes So it's official new edition coming soon! Thought this would be a good chance tongi through some things that we might like changed etc. Personally I'd like shooting to be looked at; shooting with a...
  6. El Syf

    Prince Vhordrai

    Wanted to get other peoples opinions on him, I've used him once and am including him in a 2.5k game in a couple of weeks. I don't have him as the general, mostly so my vampire lord can buff morghasts but Vhordrai is a beast. The rend advantage over a normal vlozd and breath of shyish seem well...
  7. El Syf

    Legions of Nagash Ignore all the 40k stuff and scroll towards the end! Legions of Nagash battletome! Looks like this will supersede the ga book hopefully they've taken a look at a lot of the rules and given us a spell...
  8. El Syf

    Warhammer quest the end times Just announced a sequel to the original and you get a Blood Knight in your party of 4! I quite liked the end times so rolo king forward to this :)
  9. El Syf

    The vampire wars Being made available again in January, unsure if it will be just ebook or printed. Good news right? Never read it first time round.
  10. El Syf

    Generals handbook 2017 So having gone through the article it looks like we are getting some good stuff, Night haunt in particular just got more interesting with hex wraiths counting as battle...
  11. El Syf

    Season of war

    So it all kicks off on Saturday and I plan on going to my local store and getting a game or two in. Thought I'd start a thread for discussion about the campaign, the one thing that stuck out to me immediately is that death aren't going to do well. My reasons for thinking this is that compared to...
  12. El Syf

    Deathwatch What's everyone's thoughts? When I was younger I loved the idea of the deathwatch paticularly as you could work chapters like scythes of the emperor and others who have been decimated into them. Would have like the leader to...
  13. El Syf

    Fyre slayers! So these are up for preorder, what's everyone's thoughts?
  14. El Syf

    Black Friday undead. So this is what GW have put together for us and it includes round or oval bases for all models. What's everyone's take on it? Worth the money? Just did the number crunching if were to buy it all separately it would come to £577.50...
  15. El Syf

    New Archaon! New archaon model on the way, found the pics on warseer.
  16. El Syf

    Skarbrand the exiled one

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place, I'm somewhat lost as to where it should go. Anyway as if a set that enables you to make 3 versions of a bloodthirster is not enough it looks like Skarbrand is getting his own model! This is the only picture I have seen, interesting they've made Skarbrand...
  17. El Syf

    Age of sigmar

    Age of sigmar is go! Preorder 4th July release 11th July
  18. El Syf

    New space marines!

    Okay so, I haven't played 40k in years but just had a look at the assault squad. £50 for ten models!?! When the old one was £20ish? Looks like I won't be returning to 40k then...
  19. El Syf

    1st end times battle.

    Just played my first ET battle (with khaine magic) I found it to be rather fun, having access to all the spells is great and I found it was balanced by the D6 you have to roll for dice per spell. The 50% lords was a major help, from the start of turn 4 I only had one unit left; my bus. How it...
  20. El Syf

    3.5k end times VS dwarfs

    So I'm taking on my brother and his dwarfs in the next couple of weeks and wanted some advice. Is it beneficial for me to use end times magic or stick with normal magic? I'm taking two vampire lords at L1 lov Kemmler Vampire L2 metal Vampire L2 beasts Also fielding krell as him and kemmler did...

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