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  1. Shareya

    Total War: WARHAMMER

    Yeeeeeees! Right, now to somewhat ruin the hype train. Here are the following risks and problems we might have. 1) Both Sega and Creative Assembly have pushed out some very crappy games as of late. They have been rushed, buggy and heavily filled with DLC. 2) There are only four factions...
  2. Shareya

    Kickstarter: Light and Darkness - Raging heroes models!

    I am not sure where to post this, but motherfucker are some of these Ladies incredible! You can get em cheap via kickstarter if you desire, but if not? Just drool a bit!
  3. Shareya

    The end of The End Times. [MASSIVE SPOILERS!]

    Enjoy. TLDR? Chaos wins and everyone dies.
  4. Shareya

    The grand video game topic! ( Warhammer and other stuff )

    Right! This topic will be dedicated toooo video games! I have been a active gamer for the longest of time now. Started off fairly early as well though I kept such activities quite hidden as it was oh so taboo! Currently I have around 50 games installed on my PC, completed most of them and a...
  5. Shareya

    Shadows Over Sylvania But there is one thing – one presence – that dominates this chamber. On the far side stands the remnants of what must have once been a carved stone throne, the granite stained almost black with dried blood and a...
  6. Shareya

    Steam deals! - Warhammer stuffz

    For those who care or know. Steam ( is currently having really good deals of the day. Some of you might care for a lovely Dawn of War (warhammer 40k) bundle what includes all of the games and DLC for only 10 bucks whats around a 80% money save O_O Andd - dawn of...
  7. Shareya

    A small hello!

    Greetings! As I am slowly eating my way through these forums I noticed that quite a few have posted here to introduce themselves (or some at least!) so I will try to do the same. Ahem, hello I am Sere! I come from the lousy country of Estonia and not even once in my life have I seen any...

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