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  1. jediguru

    1500 pts versus HE

    Playing a HE player for the first time this week and looking for advice on building a list to use. I've been playing the following list or something close to it against other armies recently and like it for the most part. Looking for all suggestions on both what to bring and how to play against...
  2. jediguru

    Vallejo Red Wash

    I've been using GW Baal red wash on my entire protectorate force and I'm starting to get low. Has anyone had any experience with the Vallejo Red Wash? Is it very similar to the old baal red wash? The new replacement for baal red is carroburg crimson and it seems to be quite different from what...
  3. jediguru

    Teach my your wise ways

    Downloaded Battle Chronicler yesterday and have been playing around with it a bit. Pretty cool. Wondering exactly how it works to play games though. What do you use for dice rolls, how do you resolve the artilary and scatter dice? Those are just a few of the questions. Was wondering if anyone...
  4. jediguru

    Official ruling on successfully cast and lore attribute

    So my question is: Was there ever an official ruling on "successfully cast" pertaining to our lore attribute triggering? Is it simply if the casting value is achieved or if the casting value is achieved AND it is not dispelled? The rulebook seems to contradict itself in this regard. I...
  5. jediguru

    VC vs Beastmen 750pts

    Hey guys. Have a game coming up later this week vs beastmen. Not sure exactly what all he will be bringing but likely a big horde of Gors,some hounds, and a chariot among other things. Was looking at bringing a list like this. Vamp 122 LOV, Heavy Armor, Dragonhelm, additional hand weapon Necro...
  6. jediguru

    First Battle with Vampire Counts 500 pts

    Finally found someone to play fantasy with me after months of looking. I've been getting my wargaming fix with Warmachine for the past several months. Anyway, we are going to just start at 500 points since both of us are pretty newish. Here's a list I put together. Any thoughts or suggestions...
  7. jediguru

    Jediguru's Riposte: updated 1/12/15

    So, I'm just getting into Warhammer and this is going to be my first army. Been doing a lot of research, planning, and forum lurking and I'd like to share with you guys what I've been working on. I love the undead and so a Vampire Counts army was a no brainer for me. I settled on using Mantic...
  8. jediguru

    New VC player army advice

    Hey guys, been lurking on here and other sites trying to get an idea for a descent army. I'm new to Warhammer and I love the undead and am looking forward to painting them up and playing. I was hoping to post up what I have available and get some ideas on how best to use them. So, I'm going to...

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