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  1. ftayl5

    1000pts, a come-back

    Hey there, I've been having a break from fantasy for a looong time now but now is the right time to come back I think, and with my favourite Vampire Counts. So here's a 1000 point list, which is around the points value I'll start playing. Then 1250, 1500, 200 etc. One condition for my list...
  2. ftayl5


    Thought you were serious there for a second. Phew.
  3. ftayl5

    One of a kind (Fluff) (Long)

    Well written, I like the idea of a vampire ruling peacefully over the living, protecting them with the dead. There is a similar story with in the old Tomb Kings book of a city of living people, whose ruler is undead and whose armies are an alliance of living and dead soldiers. A few grammatical...
  4. ftayl5

    500 pt. List (starter for escalation)

    Significantly less than in your previous list. I like this list a lot, though I'd want at least one standard in your army. I also heavily doubt the usefulness of a scroll at this points level. More often than not at 500pts, people take 1 or 2 levels of magic only, or none at all. This means...
  5. ftayl5

    Tamiya Clear Red questions.

    I use it without adding glue, though I'll be sure to try that one day. It works fine, it has a glossy look once dry, like freshly spilt blood. It does not act like a wash. Basically for just small areas I put it on a palette and let it dry a bit so it becomes gooey and congealed, then just...
  6. ftayl5

    How to paint your Necromancer

    So we can just add to this freely? Cool. Well my Necromancer is one of the most recent models I've painted and I'm very proud of him, so I suppose I'll add to this. The cloak was the new Xereus purple, washed with the old leviathan purple ink and then highlight with a mix (1:1) of xereus and...
  7. ftayl5

    Guyzooip's VC painting log.

    Lovely Black Knights.
  8. ftayl5

    How to Painting your Ethreal: banshee's, wraiths and Spirithosts

    Thanks for stealing my thread santa :thumbsup: I like the look of the throne ghosts, so hawk turquoise is the secret, I hope I still have some.
  9. ftayl5

    Strigoi Theme - 1500pts

    Will do, thanks very much.
  10. ftayl5

    1500 Escalation League List

    Spirit hosts are split for deployment and because really there are no advantages to fielding them in 2's. Anything that can kill one spirit host can kill 2 just as easily. If 1 was going to die to static res, then 2 would as well, it might just take a bit longer. Spirit host should ideally hold...
  11. ftayl5

    How to Painting your Ethreal: banshee's, wraiths and Spirithosts

    I am hijacking this thread as I am starting a how to paint undead series. We have a good start here and I want to continue this. Santawraith Carpe Noctem's How to index Evening everyone. I'm unsatisfied with the way I currently paint my ethereal things and I want to make them better...
  12. ftayl5

    The Legions of Vladislav Mutilia

    So I've decided that necromancers are boring... sorry Heinrich. They're just old cackling wizards bent on living forever and obtaining power. But they've no real personality, no flare or vigour. Vampires have those things, personality, passion. So I'm going to be using Vampires after all, and...
  13. ftayl5

    2000 PT Ogre killer

    Specifically tailoring your list to defeat Ogres isn't something I'd want to do against a friend, unless he was planning to as well. Morality aside, good list. I agree with Noobafrass. Infested on the terrorgheist doesn't really do much IMO, especially against Ogre. And yes, Konrad kills ogres...
  14. ftayl5

    So I went and saw Dark Shadows

    Just saw the movie. Was pretty good, funny at times, dark at others. Possible spoilers: The fact that a simple witch could have so much power over a vampire messed with my vision of the relationship between witches and vampires. Also vampire or not, jumping off a massive cliff onto rocks...
  15. ftayl5

    2400 points of Coven throne goodness... or badness?

    Keep your general near your coven throne and this should work well. The AoDM mixed with the thrones ability should be nice in combat. remember to use the scrying pool! Fell bats help but I think having more targets would insure your throne some more. A Varghulf? A black coach? I think you have...
  16. ftayl5

    Vargheist Help

    I agree with Von Dookie. Flanks and rear charges are essential for Vargheists. Except against very small units, they'll take a lot of damage from return attacks if they charge the front. If the enemy has ASF, charging their front is definitely not a good idea. Also I wouldn't suggest knights as...
  17. ftayl5

    Vampire Counts are the dirtiest army ever!

    Being unbreakable isn't exactly a good thing all the time. We can't flee! Redirection, baiting, all those tricks are completely unavailable to us. We can't march unless near the general, so even our warmachine hunters are quite slow. We have no shooting except for screaming (which is very short...
  18. ftayl5

    Sundering the Gods

    That would be silly. Then they may as well make a Orc book and a separate Golbin book. A Hoeth book, a Shadowlands book, a Nuln book and a Nordland book. That would be dumb and the options available to each book would make it boring. A much more sensible way would be to restore some older...
  19. ftayl5

    1250 for doubles tourney

    I like that plan. Good luck with the tournament.
  20. ftayl5

    1250 for doubles tourney

    I'd try and get the book of arkhan in there. Vanhels is golden on ghouls and horrors (poison + re-rolling misses). Corpse Cart is pretty ... meh in my opinion. I'd drop it for the BoA and an extra unit of bats and some ghouls. In a doubles situation it would be helpful to see your partners...

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