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  1. Mioum

    The Missing Mortarchs.

    Hello again guys! In this post I'll show you the models I've got to represent the four missing Mortarchs from the End Time. Me and some friends are going to play a series of games, Undead versus Chaos, where in each game I'll have an army led by a different Mortarch, leading to a final battle...
  2. Mioum

    My little Necrofex Colossus

    Howdy people! Today I'm here to show you my latest model, a totally scratch built Necrofex Colossus! This is a monster for the Vampire Counts from Forgeworld's Monstrous Arcanum. Not wanting to half-ass it, I decided to go straight for a mighty Nightmare Colossus (the biggest of the two...
  3. Mioum

    Armies of the Mortarchs

    Hey everyone! With the other topic about creating the four missing Mortarchs with regular characters, I'm curious about what kind of army each Mortarch would command. Some have obvious theme, others would be more generic, but it would be cool if all of them have a little something to go with...
  4. Mioum

    Nagash - Not a clown anymore!

    So everyone know about the Nagash model along with the reputation that come with it. I had mine since the late '90s and always loved him despite all the criticisms he got over the years. The biggest problem with the model was the head/hat, no doubt about it. So I was looking for ways to...
  5. Mioum

    H: A few VC models and other extras - W: Paypal mostly

    Hey guys, time for me to sell a few things that have been gathering dust for a while! First time selling stuff actually, so I hope I won't mess anything! I peeked a bit around the web for some prices comparison, but if anything look overpriced, just make me an offer! Also, prices are in USD...
  6. Mioum

    Grave Guards unit size and formation

    Hey guys! I'm currently tweaking some of my VC units (building some models, making movement tray, etc.), and when it came to my Grave Guards, I was wondering what size/formation are good for them. Note; I'm not looking for a definitive face-wrecking and game winning unit here, I only play...
  7. Mioum

    Abyssal Terror - Yay or Nay?

    Long story short, tonight I found my box of missing models I've been searching for months. Inside, among other things, was my Abyssal Terror. I bough this back in 6th edition, and from memory it never saw the field of battle. Quick glance at the new book, and this mount still look quite...
  8. Mioum

    About the new design

    First, sorry if a similar topic have been made before, I must admit I stick more around The Dark Art section of the forum so I might have missed it. But I wanted to ask/know if the current look of the forum is final? I was quite surprised when it changed, but after a short while, I found it...
  9. Mioum

    Wargames Factory Skeletons review

    (Mod, if you think this should be in another place, please move it) So there was a thread a while ago about those, they were "in-progress" back then, but I was quite curious about it. So they are now available, and I ordered a box, wich I got today! Here's a review of it with some pictures...
  10. Mioum

    Tale of Painters - Tomb Kings

    Alright so to kick of this Tale of Painters log, I'll post the list of what I'm planning to do, and pics of the models in their current unpainted state. My list of models is the following; Painted and completed unit in green New edit done to show the current state of the army, and...
  11. Mioum

    Buildind my Lahmian army

    Ok so I decided to start a log to show my army progress! For a while it might be more about modelling than painting, but I guess once there's nothing left to build I'll be forced to paint :lol: I've build a lot of unit lately, so I think it's a good time to start! A lot of pics...
  12. Mioum

    Mantic Ghouls ranking

    Anyone here had (or have) problem ranking them? I was building mine, and glued the torso and legs together, and then tried to rank them to see how to glue them to the base and it's one hell of a puzzle! So far it seems that I'll have to find a way to rank them, and have them always in the...
  13. Mioum

    New recruit :)

    Hello everyone! Long time Vampires player, in fact played under the Undead book back in 4th edition, so I have now 2 undead army to take care off! Not that actually play a lots of games, not recently in any case, but I'll want to try to play more come 8th edition :) I actually joined here...

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