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  1. Sarthex

    Sorry guys, gotta leave for a while

    as some of you who still remembered me might have noticed, i haven't been posting for a long time. this is because of a dreaded thing called school :devil: . the work is a little bit too much (i have to make 4 book reviews in different languages, 6 group projects, and find time to study 7 big...
  2. Sarthex

    nightwish songs for school thingy

    so i have to do something in music class , i have to explain my favourite music style (origin,... stuff like that) and you have to pick 2 songs from your favourite band of that style, i have chosen symphonic metal and nightwish but we also have to choose two songs to bring to class. the cd's...
  3. Sarthex

    Legend of the Seeker... what the...

    anyone else read all the books "sword of truth"? it's by Terry Goodkind if you don't know it and if you aren't gonna read 'em immediately, i'm gonna come over there and rip your throath out. hehe. Seriously though, do you read them? i kinda read all of them in Duth (my language) an in English...
  4. Sarthex

    So...yeah...tower...kinda finished it...

    i finally finished my DE tower , except for the door of which i have no clue of making...i have to say, and this is not to sound extremely good at painting, but the paintjob really isn't that sloppy in real life. i guess it's due to the fact that i had to use a flash to make the tower...
  5. Sarthex

    made a keyblade... if you know what it is

    So i've made a keyblade (it's from the videogameseries kingdom hearts) and i've made a post about it on this site (i'll link directly to the post out of pure laziness) i'm that Jormungand fella although i always (when i don't forget it)...
  6. Sarthex

    I'm back (sorry, didn't bring pie)

    Hello all, most of you probably won't recognize me, and those who do will probably get a heart attack (pun intended) of pure horror. Yes, i'm back but will probably not play alot or post in rules section or something, as i still don't have the new book (yes, i'm serious...stop laughing...
  7. Sarthex

    when are the new tau coming?

    sorry to ask but i really need to know when thee new Tau are coming outin fifth edition because i want to play them but if they're gonna be updated soon it wouldn't be worth buying the "old" miniatures. thanks in advance! -Sarthex
  8. Sarthex

    New necro?

    okay is this necro new or has it been ther all the time? LINKEY -Sarthex
  9. Sarthex

    how long to next vamps? (8edition)

    ok so i started somewhere while the sixth edition was running and now i was wondering ,how long does it take for an army to be revised? i really need to know that because i don't want to buy an entire army of this edition to then finally finish painting them when the new ones are already...
  10. Sarthex

    Vampire's artwork...duuude...

    Duuude... that's just plain sweet!:|:|:|:|:| and not only that but the whole article (undead tactics) is filled with this kind of thing. did GW really put that much effort in making artwork like this in the new book? or is that artwork not as good as this? please tell!
  11. Sarthex start or not to start?

    Okay, this is my situation: I got a painted VC army of around 2500pts (mainly Zacharias) and of DE I got 5 Exe's, 9 Black guard, 9 Corsairs , 1 RBT crew,a RBT and 5 RxB warriors unpainted and some other stuff that I DID paint. So , that's a lot of models that still need a coat whilst this is...
  12. Sarthex

    christmas presents! yippie!

    i got a box of black guard (DE) from my mom, a bag of E-Z water (woodlandscenics) from my sister and an assassin, box of corsairs and a few paints from my girlfiriend , and some money (€100 , mhuaahahaa!!!) from my grandparents. What did you guys and gals get for christmas?
  13. Sarthex

    online army builder

    ok , so I know of the army builder "the great unclean one" but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Is it just my computer or is there something wrong with the server? Thanks in advance! Sarthex
  14. Sarthex

    DE versus TK help please?

    okay so i have a battle in about a week from this point and i (again ) have no idea of what he's gonna take (only know he plays TK). he's going against my DE and i think it's gonna be hard. Does anyone know what i should expect and what i should take to kill it? the only models i have available...
  15. Sarthex

    "How to paint citadel minatures" worth it?

    "How to paint citadel minatures" so basicly i'm not that a good painter, want to improve my skills and learn new techniques. is this book worth buying or not? thanks in advance!
  16. Sarthex

    vc versus tk help please?

    okay so i'm going to have a battle in less than 3 hours and i play VC he plays TK and i don't have any idea on what he's gonna use. are there any things that every TK player takes no matter what? are there any tactics that work well against TK? thanks in advance (this is gonna be my first...
  17. Sarthex

    tomb kings release date?

    well, does anyone know when the new tomb kings are coming?
  18. Sarthex

    Milliput question

    is it normal that when i use milliput for for example a bunch of flames that it is very rough (not smooth like before it dried) and very breakable when dry? please help cuz i'm planning a few conversions with my nephew for his almost finished o&g army thanks in advance! S
  19. Sarthex

    making (d.i.y.) plastic?

    so umm... didn't know where to post this so um here it goes... is this a good way to make plastic? and can you use it for WH purposes? here made some earlier but it's still drying:D
  20. Sarthex

    what is WYSIWYG?

    ok just read the title

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