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  1. Sarthex

    Sorry guys, gotta leave for a while

    as some of you who still remembered me might have noticed, i haven't been posting for a long time. this is because of a dreaded thing called school :devil: . the work is a little bit too much (i have to make 4 book reviews in different languages, 6 group projects, and find time to study 7 big...
  2. Sarthex

    nightwish songs for school thingy

    so i have to do something in music class , i have to explain my favourite music style (origin,... stuff like that) and you have to pick 2 songs from your favourite band of that style, i have chosen symphonic metal and nightwish but we also have to choose two songs to bring to class. the cd's...
  3. Sarthex

    Legend of the Seeker... what the...

    well, i think it's gonna be in america first, right? if so , that means we will have to wait here for more than 3 months for it (and that's only IF they're gonna run the series around here) and as far as i've seen the special effects look rather nice... *drooooooool* large green glowing wall...
  4. Sarthex

    So...yeah...tower...kinda finished it...

    thanks for the replies, i think i'm gonna go with somekind of cardboard scythes and if that doesn't work too well, then i'm just gonna go with Tyranid scythes.i also thought of adding somekind of blackish crystal (transparant plastic) on the top of which i'll post a pic tomorrow. (it's about...
  5. Sarthex

    Legend of the Seeker... what the...

    anyone else read all the books "sword of truth"? it's by Terry Goodkind if you don't know it and if you aren't gonna read 'em immediately, i'm gonna come over there and rip your throath out. hehe. Seriously though, do you read them? i kinda read all of them in Duth (my language) an in English...
  6. Sarthex

    So...yeah...tower...kinda finished it...

    i finally finished my DE tower , except for the door of which i have no clue of making...i have to say, and this is not to sound extremely good at painting, but the paintjob really isn't that sloppy in real life. i guess it's due to the fact that i had to use a flash to make the tower...
  7. Sarthex

    Rant: The new GW goddamn site?!

    it takes a little getting used to but this one is far better than the old one. i actually like the pricing stuff because with the old one i always saw a cool terrain piece or miniature only to go to the store and see that it was too expensive. Now you can ee the price immediately.
  8. Sarthex

    The 3 word story

    the teletubby planet.
  9. Sarthex

    Possible good inspirational movies for a vampire army

    RE: possible good insperation movies for a vampire army underworld is actually pretty good, i thought that flying vampire thingy in one of them(don't know which of the movies it was...) was pretty cool. Blade's also good for inspiration. and for a very cool flying vampire , in my opinion, Van...
  10. Sarthex

    The 3 word story

    eat woodflavoured computers
  11. Sarthex

    What kind of person are you??

    what kind of person i am? well... a deadly one. this is mostly because i'm obsessed with weapons of all kinds up till about 1750 AD. for example, two of my hobbies are archery (not hunting though) and slinging ( almost always have a few weapons close by. and if i don't...
  12. Sarthex

    The 3 word story

    swimmingpool filled with
  13. Sarthex

    The 3 word story

    toenailpies in bananaform (yes this is completely random)
  14. Sarthex

    The 3 word story

    cheese with eyes
  15. Sarthex

    Your 'home' forum.

    For the warhammer forums i frequent, this is my home forum closely followed by Advanced Tau Tactica and
  16. Sarthex

    The 3 word story

    in pepperoni pizza
  17. Sarthex

    made a keyblade... if you know what it is

    it's the main weapon in the kingodm hearts series. if you like Final Fantasy series then you'd probably like kingdom hearts too... although that it has disney stuff in it it's a very cool game and the main story is more like final fantasy. for clarification, i'm 15. the disney stuff makes that...
  18. Sarthex

    made a keyblade... if you know what it is

    So i've made a keyblade (it's from the videogameseries kingdom hearts) and i've made a post about it on this site (i'll link directly to the post out of pure laziness) i'm that Jormungand fella although i always (when i don't forget it)...
  19. Sarthex

    Guess who's back...

    Dude, all the "older" posters are coming back, it's cool!:D *gives Sirihar some pie* yay! -Sarthex
  20. Sarthex

    The Grand Reintroduction, of me :)

    Woohoo Arion's back!:D i just got back too! now we must all have pie to celebrate! -Sarthex

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