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  1. GrandMagnus

    Selling fantasy and 40k

    Hi everybody, I've got some fantasy and 40k minis I'm looking to get rid off. Here is the list as follows. FANTASY/AGE OF SIGMAR Vampire counts: 10 dire wolves 15 grave guard (great weapons) 15 grave guard (sword/shield) 1 blood knight 20 skeleton warriors (sword/shield) 40 skeleton warriors...
  2. GrandMagnus

    Chaos warriors boots.

    First of all, if there is another part of the forum I should rather post this then if the mods could mode the thread I would be grateful NOW, on the my problem. I am interesting in starting some Warriors of Chaos at one point. I don't particularly like the old ones but the new Khorne Blood...
  3. GrandMagnus

    2 x 500 points army lists:

    Hey guys/gals, I've made 2, 500 point army lists for warhammer fantasy: Vampire Counts and The Empire. Both are made using 6th edition armybook (because while I do have the 8th edition VC armybook I don't have the 8th edition empire book so this is a way to keep it "balanced"). I would like some...
  4. GrandMagnus

    Magic Weapons question.

    My question is regarding common magic weapons, honestly from back in the 6th edition but magic weapons from the 8th edition would apply as well. So here is the question: If I buy the biting blade or the sword of might for a character, does it have to be modeled as a sword or could it be an axe...
  5. GrandMagnus

    Returning from the Dead

    Hi everybody, I decided today to return to the Carpe Noctum forum. So, let's start with a little backstory: I started playing vampire counts back in the 6th edition and I logged into this forum back then under the name Vladimir the Bloody (a terrible name, terrible terrible name). My two...

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