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  1. Irisado

    Farmer's Undead

    Those Vargheists are fantastic. I think that you've got the posing just right and the colour of the membranes is spot on. I agree that adding some features to the base would be a good idea, especially as that rock would only look right for landing near to an old ruined castle in my opinion...
  2. Irisado

    Hey all

    Welcome to the forum :). It's always particular pleasing for me to meet someone else who can remember the original Warhammer Armies Undead, especially given that it means I feel less old :D. I hope that you enjoy participating in the community here.
  3. Irisado

    Chaotic insanity idea for introducing someone to WFB

    It sounds like a very ambitious battle in terms of scale to teach someone how to play, but if that's how your friend prefers to learn, that's fair enough. Lamian Vampire Counts are one of my favourite armies, so he has made a good choice there. The basement is impressive and that table is...
  4. Irisado

    Hello there

    Welcome :). I am very impressed by both your collection and the amount of painted models. I hope that you enjoy participating in the community here.
  5. Irisado

    Farmer's Undead

    That's a really dynamic and threatening pose that you've made for the winged vampire. I can just imagine her swooping down to impale some unfortunate soldier with that weapon. I look forward to seeing the paint applied.
  6. Irisado

    Borgnine's Log: Zombie Legion scenery fillers

    That's an impressively painted warband. I particularly like the effects on the weapons from the pale blue through to the rust effects.
  7. Irisado

    Buildind my Lahmian army

    I used to field a unit of Wraiths back in some of the older editions of Fantasy. They were brutally effective, but also extremely expensive in terms of points. That block of Wraiths that you have painted certainly brings back some memories. Those black robes are very well executed.
  8. Irisado

    Farmer's Undead

    I think that the colour scheme will look great once you've touched up the blue robes. The blue is just a little drab as it stands. The rest looks excellent, especially that rust effect.
  9. Irisado

    Farmer's Undead

    I love the Wight King standard bearer. The shade of blue is spot on again, combining really well with the rest of the army, and the attention to detail is impressive. You have a superb army there too.
  10. Irisado


    Welcome to the forum :). If you're looking for an elite army, you may also want to consider the Soulblight Death faction.
  11. Irisado

    Flesheater corps

    As it has been so long since the topic author posted, I agree that this one can rest.
  12. Irisado

    New to the Vampire Counts

    Welcome to the forum :). I haven't played enough Age of Sigmar to offer much in the way of advice, but there are certainly other members of the community who have, so have a read around the boards and I'm sure that you'll be able to find some answers. If not, by all mean ask, as sharing ideas...
  13. Irisado

    The new guy

    Welcome to the forum :). There is certainly scope for you to work on bloodline, as GW only ever covered the main ones. There are all kinds of other vampires and covens that could potentially be explored, so hopefully you will find a niche which piques your interest.
  14. Irisado

    Crawling out from the dark places to say hello!

    This is a better way to introduce yourself to the community, yes :). Welcome to the forum and I hope to see more of your work posted here.
  15. Irisado

    Vampire Lords . . . What Happened?

    Let's not descend into making personal comments. The most obvious of these has been removed.
  16. Irisado

    I have Returned...

    Welcome back :). I didn't like Age of Sigmar when it first came out, but there have been significant improvements since then. As a result, if you have a gaming group which is interested in playing, I'd recommend giving it another go.
  17. Irisado

    Total war: Warhammer Vampire Counts trailer released!

    I was initially excited, but the trailer left me having mixed emotions. On the one hand, I like the setting, the narrative of recovering or pilfering trinkets from the Lizardmen, and the zombie pirates. On the other, I really did not warm to the constructs or sea creatures. This is meant to...
  18. Irisado

    Age of Sigmar New edition hopes

    I'd rather see new models for Soulblight, especially Blood Knights, than a new faction per se.
  19. Irisado

    Farmer's Undead

    The work on the Vargheists is progressing very well. They look suitably menacing and imposing.
  20. Irisado

    Waking from the long nap

    Welcome back :). It's very good to see someone else getting back into the game after a break. The Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon is a fantastic model, assuming that's the one to which you are referring.