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  1. BloodKnight

    Necropolis Knights

    Hello all, I'm thinking about putting in two units of 3 Necro Knights into my Grand Army I'm playing so I can use them against my High Elf opponent and his shooting. OHHH the shooting!! Anyway, I want to play with some big monster and I need a reliable way of neutralizing his shooting...
  2. BloodKnight

    Down on Grave Guard usage

    Hey everyone, I've seen a similar themes in other list comments: "Take out the Grave Guard." Is there a running theme with each new book being released? I stopped using GG after High Elves was released. They were roughly the same points as White Lion/Blademaster/Penix Guard units with a 10%...
  3. BloodKnight

    Marching two units with ONE Hero Vampire

    Since a lot of what we deal with his the slowness of our units when the general is out doing his usual killing thing. Is it possible to march one unit of infantry with a Hero Vamp (preferably with flying horror), then zoom back to the second unit of infantry to march with them? If so...
  4. BloodKnight

    2500 Trying to get back into making good lists...

    The plan is to overwhelm one side massively. There are a lot of juicy targets so even if I lose one Blood Knight unit, the other should get in there. 2500 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster 1 Vampire Lord (Goes with Black Knights) Barded Nightmare, Heavy Armour, Talisman of Endurance...
  5. BloodKnight

    Corpse Cart difficulty

    Hey guys, I'm looking through the Corpse Cart and I'm liking the new rules... mostly.... :rolleyes: The cart is a chariot, but its movement is the same as before. Does this now make us slower than dwarfs unless we Dance of the Dead spell? :vampire3:
  6. BloodKnight

    Combat Lord with Dire Wolves

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to form a Vampire Pact with my current Bretonnian list. Has anyone tried putting a combat Lord, mounted, with a big train/snake of direwolves behind it? I can think that it could get side charged pretty easy, but was wondering if anyone has had success with...
  7. BloodKnight

    2500 fun list with new White Dwarf Tomb Banshee!

    Hey all, I've been thinking of some sweet combos to get this army to blow the lid off of anything we've seen. :devil2: So as it happens we have the some of the best choices in magic spells since we get 8 Lores to pick from an we get all of those spells in each Lore. I'm going for Lore of Death...
  8. BloodKnight

    Worst dice roll EVER?

    So I used my unit of 4 Blood Knights with the Banner of Strigoi against my friend who was also playing Vampire Counts. I charged his unit of 20 ghouls, then killed 9 of them. He attacks back and gets 4 poisons wounds and 1 roll-to-wound. I got 5 armors saves at 2+. What did a roll...
  9. BloodKnight

    Fighter/Mage Vampire Lord

    I'm a huge fan of caster that also can fight (and stay a couple rounds of combat. I love the Vampire Counts army party because we have decent caster that can also fight. Also, I don't understand those that say you should do a Heavy-caster or Heavy-combat Lord. Why ignore all of those sweet...
  10. BloodKnight

    Screaming Banner

    Has anyone had good experiences with this? With 8th edition rules you're making opponents roll Fear checks every round now. Screaming Banner isn't as sexy as Banner of Hatred or Barrows, but using the math there could be good potential for WS 1 opponents. I was thinking of putting it in a...
  11. BloodKnight

    Double Black Coach

    I writing to see what you guys think about fielding two Black Coaches. I've been fielding two of them in games under 2500 points and I have had great results. :thumbsup: With the new rules, they is so many more dice being sucked into the Coaches. When you have two of them of course you...

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