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  1. Skarsnik the Lord

    2400 points ETC comped VC list

    Hi, I built an army list I'm looking towards using in my future games and I wanted to show it to you. All comments and questions are warmly welcomed, but remember that the list uses ETC comps, so I can't have more ethereal units, second Terrorgheist nor unit that cost more than 450 points or...
  2. Skarsnik the Lord

    Black Knights - lances or not?

    Hi, I have a question to all of you fellow vampires. What do you think about having lances with your Black Knights? I'm a really big fan of the deadly Vampire Lord on a Nightmare in a unit of 14 Black Knights, but I've started thinking about dropping Black Knights' lances. The Vampire Lord...
  3. Skarsnik the Lord

    Skarsnik's Scumbag Blog

    Hi, after the release of our new book I've decided to start painting my VC army again. This is my little blog I'll keep updating every now and then. I'm a fast painter, but I have lots of other painting projects so this is not going to be a fast project. After getting a painting commission and...
  4. Skarsnik the Lord

    2400 points Vampires for a tournament

    Hello, there's a tournament coming in few weeks so I decided to share my army list here. It's a one day tournament with three games and special scenarios (no objective holding). The only restrictions of the armies are max. 60 models or 450 points per unit (characters can still be more expensive...
  5. Skarsnik the Lord

    1200 points Vampires for a tournament.

    Hi, there's a 1200 points tournament coming soon and I decided to take my Vampires in there. Three games are going to be played, the scenarios are Dawn Attack (Game 1), Meeting Engagement (Game 2) and Dawn Attack again (Game 3). The tournament is quite heavily comped, here's the restrictions...
  6. Skarsnik the Lord

    2400 points competitive Vampires for a tournament

    Hi all! :) There's a tournament coming on this summer. I wanted to go there with my Vampire Counts as the army is painted now and the comps are fine for my Vampires. So, here's some general facts about the tournament. It's a two-days tourney and five games will be played (three...
  7. Skarsnik the Lord

    2000 points Vampire goodness for a tournament

    Hello all! :) There's a tournament coming soon, and I decided to take my Vampire Counts for the tournament as my Goblins aren't painted yet and I can't take a horde of Bulls because of the restrictions. And I need some motivation to paint my Ghouls fast. xD So, something about the tournament...
  8. Skarsnik the Lord

    Skarsnik's blog of insanity for the Tale of X Painters

    Hi all, and welcome to the Skarsnik's Blog of Insanity for the Tale of X Painters! :D I'm going to paint a good punch of models so it's best to start now. Actually I've even painted some models before this day as I have so many models to paint (I don't have any Vampire Lords or 125 points...
  9. Skarsnik the Lord

    3500 points Vampire legion for a team fight

    Hi! :) We decided to have a team fight in our gaming group on this weekend. As only four players decided to come (it's Easter after all :rolleyes: ) we decided to have a 2 vs 2 team fight with slightly bigger lists than normally. My allied army is Beastmen. We are going to fight against...
  10. Skarsnik the Lord

    Helm of Commandment confusion

    Hi! We had a game a couple of days ago and we faced an interesting problem. My unit of Ghouls was fighting against a unit of Bloodletters. An another Ghoul unit with my Vampire Lord (with Helm of Commandment) was fighting against lone Herald of Tzeentch (it's a long story :D). When close...
  11. Skarsnik the Lord

    2400 points Vampire Counts

    Hi! I ordered some Ghouls and now I have over a hundred of them. :) That's why I decided to create a Vampire Counts list which core is filled with Ghouls. The idea of the list is very simple. I'm going to stick the Lord and the support caster Vampire into the small Ghoul unit, and the BSB...
  12. Skarsnik the Lord

    3500 points Vampires (6th edition, need help!)

    Hi there! :D Me and my friend decided to play a 6th edition game on the next weekend. We decided to have a pretty big game size because we play 6th edition rarely, so 3500 points sounded good for both of us. He wanted to take Mortals of Chaos and I decided to take my Vampires. But now I need...
  13. Skarsnik the Lord

    1600 points tournament list

    Hello, there's a team tournament coming at the start of this February. Me and my two friends decided to build a team and go playing there. The point sizes are 2000, 1600 and 1200. Some of the games are played with all armies together and some of them separately. One of my friend decided to...
  14. Skarsnik the Lord

    Grimgor says...

    Choppy new year! Party hard and celebrate it by launching a new WAAAGH! Happy new year everyone! :) - Cheers, Skarsnik. :thumbsup:
  15. Skarsnik the Lord

    My Ogre army.

    Hello, I've been busy for a some time because of my Ogre army project. The army is ready now and I thought some of you might be interested in seeing it. :) So, this is a 2400 points army list, and every single model is painted now. I have some more models to make a 3000 points army list but...
  16. Skarsnik the Lord

    Ogres vs. Ghouls

    Hello, I have a couple of questions. :) After a few days I'm going to go to a tournament with my Ogres. Ogres are pretty tough army in this edition and should not be underestimated, fighting from two ranks, stomps and new Gut magic really shined Ogres' shield. :D My army is roughly made...
  17. Skarsnik the Lord

    Grombrindal is back!

    Hello! Today I found my old Grombrindal miniature from my cabinet, and decided to take a couple of pics about it as I was photoing my other miniatures anyway. I bought the model about a half of a year ago (even though the model was meant to be a limited edition one ;)), when I still had my...
  18. Skarsnik the Lord

    My new Vampire Lord (and a Necromancer now).

    Hello, yesterday I bought this cool mini from one of my friends. Now I have painted him and I'd like to hear what do you think about him. :) - Cheers, Skarsnik. :thumbsup:
  19. Skarsnik the Lord

    2400 points Vampires

    Tactics My Vampire and Necromancers are going to join my Skeletons (Vampire goes into second rank), Wight King Grave Guards and Lord in my Ghouls. Grave Guards and Ghouls are dobloyed in horde. I debloy my hordes as the centre of my army. Skeletons and Zombies move behind the hordes. I...
  20. Skarsnik the Lord

    Ogres 2400 points.

    Hello, long time no see! :) I've been assembling and painting my Ogre army busily so my Vampires have been waiting on my shelf. o_o There's a big tournament coming at the end of this year (29.-30.12.) and I've been painting my new Ogre army for it. :) At this point I've played about 12...

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