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  1. Count CocoFang

    BL: Dynasty of Nightmares (spoilers)

    That's too bad. I just picked this up recently because I was in the mood for a vampire novel. Going in with adjusted expectations will probably help me enjoy it more, though. Thanks for the review.
  2. Count CocoFang

    Elden Ring - anybody else in as deep as I am?

    Love this game so far. I never played the Souls games so the difficulty curve is completely new to me, but I've been having a lot of fun. I'm only about level 37 or so with my main character. I played a lot of Skyrim back in the day and it's been great having a new world to explore.
  3. Count CocoFang

    Cursed City Rises from the Dead

    Really excited that we're getting expansions after all, especially if they come with new models.
  4. Count CocoFang

    Total War Warhammer

    Very cool. It might be time for another campaign.
  5. Count CocoFang

    Total War Warhammer

    I love total war. I've been playing since Medieval 1 but the warhammer ones have been my favorite. Most of my completed games have been as the Vampire Counts and Orcs. Did Vlad's faction get a big update with the dlc? I've started a few VC campaigns this year but they seem to have fallen behind...
  6. Count CocoFang

    Should GW release Bretonnians as an Empire supplement?

    I'd rather not see them reduced to supplement status but if it did happen I'd hope GW would have the sense not to make them into an Empire province. It would be better to keep them as Allied units in the fluff if they were going to be a supplement. Even better to give them a fancy new book and...
  7. Count CocoFang

    The Vampire Condesa of Estalia

    Great looking army. That Standard Bearer is awesome!
  8. Count CocoFang

    VC vs TK: why did you go for the Vampires?

    I really like most of the Tomb King range. They have a great aesthetic and look as if they'd make a very unified army. They also seem to have a better spread of unit types with their archers and catapults. If there book was stronger I think you could make a very cool combined arms force. The...
  9. Count CocoFang

    Bloodbowl PC Game

    I've had this happen. I also have a steam version, although I don't recall experiencing this until fairly recently. I never know whethr to just play through or quit and start the match over.
  10. Count CocoFang

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi everybody. New player here. I took a rather circuitous path to starting a Vampire Counts army, from a friend recommending the Dawn of War series a bit over a year and a half ago to my first Space Marine model to noticing the Fantasy sections on the Warhammer boards I lurked. Now my Chaos...

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