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  1. Azakael

    So, anyone into 40K?

    40K yes. It's where I began the GW addiction... hobby. - Dark Angels (These are to 40K what my Undead is for Fantasy/ AoS - my "forever" army. I will keep adding to it until I have a chapter.) - Tyranids - Genestealer Cults - Thousand Sons - Flesh Tearers (Primaris, mostly.) and then enough...
  2. Azakael

    Tomb Kings Gallery: Models

    Who makes that model? I know that design is from the Total War series, but the model source?
  3. Azakael

    AoS - 3rd NIGHTHAUNT - Reference Charts

    Throwing a 2 cent note in here. - As MSU goes, Spirit Hordes are fantastic. That said, I think a larger sized unit of them would end up being unwieldy due to the new rules on unit coherency. - Hold the Line is a good Grand Strategy for us to take, thanks to all the solid Battleline unit choices...
  4. Azakael

    AoS - 3rd Can anyone be brought back from the Old World to AoS - who would you choose?

    Aekold is the biggest one I'd love to see return. Have him pop up in the realm of Ghyran as a foil for Tzeentch's hate foe - Nurgle. Though I'd also be amused to see Arbaal return as well, show that he was never defeated. (Even if it ends up retconning his death in the End Times stories.) I...
  5. Azakael

    DoN's Hypothetical Situations

    Probably sacrifice myself after some lengthy monologue of telling everyone not to squander their chance, and regret my decision once it's too late.
  6. Azakael

    Vampires / Soulblight Gravelords in the different realms

    That is an absolutely brilliant undead army. And I love the old school look to it as well.
  7. Azakael

    Vampires / Soulblight Gravelords in the different realms

    An Aqshy undead army with Black Knights with flaming skulls seems like it might be interesting...
  8. Azakael

    The Armies of the Soulshard Expanse

    Looks fantastic! I would love to see the Anvil of Apotheosis rules updated with its own stand-alone book and combined with the new Path to Glory rules.
  9. Azakael

    Finally bought our new house!

    Home ownership is a blessing and a curse. I have the room for all my stuff! I have to spend money and time on maintaining the place and not just on new toys. xD Congrats! (And good luck on the secret passages. Need one that leads outside so you can sneak in new models. "What? This? I've had it...
  10. Azakael

    Juan Hidalgo Miniatures - 'Eavy Contrast Vampire

    Ooo. I need to see the fleshtone recipe. I've been using the Rotting Flesh tutorial he did a while back for my zombies. (I know it originally came from Mengel Miniatures.)
  11. Azakael

    Suggestion Shall we welcome our Tomb King Cousins?

    Didn't we have a "Faces of our Next Meal" section? I know it was mostly pictures of people's non-Death armies.
  12. Azakael

    So, what's everyone working on?

    Zombies. After *coughtwentypluscough* years of being in naught but black primer, my WHFB Zombies are getting an actual coat of paint. My Wargames Factory Zombies and Zombie Vixens are also getting painted as well, since I'd like to eventually play Osprey's Last Days. Aside from that I had an...
  13. Azakael

    Announcement Casts Invocation on Ultimate Power....

    I've been around off and on, but obviously not posting. So, it's good to see the old coterie returning.
  14. Azakael

    DoN's Hypothetical Situations

    Neither. I'd let them make the decision for themselves. I'd want to do both. But what my desires are meaningless. Either they die resenting me, if they wanted to live. Or they live and resent me because I chose own desire (to keep them around) over that of the world.
  15. Azakael

    What edition of WHFB are you playing?

    Honestly, the only minis game I am playing right now is Rangers of Shadow Deep. But if I were playing anything "classic" Warhammer at the moment, it would likely be 8th edition. Though I might consider Warhammer Armies Project. Since it's still retaining a bit of that 8.5 that 9th Age started as.
  16. Azakael

    So, what's everyone working on?

    With no further work on Arkhan happening... Lately: Assembly of Flesh Eaters, some Battletech stuff, and Genestealer Cults. Mostly FEC right now.
  17. Azakael

    So, what's everyone working on?

    Laziness. Slowly. Ever. So. Slowly. Building my Soul Wars Spooky Bois. Just did a quick reassessment of my Undead collection and pondering when an army becomes an obsession.
  18. Azakael

    Advice on Converting a Mounted Wight King

    I think, if using the BK kit as the basis for the Wight King conversions, I'd probably use skulls swaps (possibly using the Hex Wraith burning skull for one...), weapon, and shield swaps. The biggest thing is weapon swaps. Maybe look at some of the different artifacts and basing your weapon swap...
  19. Azakael

    So, what's everyone working on?

    Disciples of Tzeentch for the Path to Glory campaign I'm playing in.
  20. Azakael

    WHFB to AoS Timeline

    Mannfred Von Carstein would be the one to kill Balthasar Gelt, which disrupted the magic that was trying to seal the rend in reality that would allow Chaos to win and destroy the Old World. What a dick.

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