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  1. Annie

    Yourself! On a picture...

    Not been around for a while, but I guess I should put my banshee fancy dress picture up, I wish there was one of the whole thing, it looked awesome Sanai - you look much happier than last time I saw a pic
  2. Annie

    Loads of VC bits going cheap!!

    Too late, all sold!
  3. Annie

    Loads of VC bits going cheap!!

    Hello! I've not sold anything here before but many people can confirm I'm a trusted, well known (and awesome!) tournament regular! I have to move house very quickly so I'm running around trying to find homes for things, so my main concern is it going to a wonderful caring home, so feel...
  4. Annie

    3 Leadership Based Screams

    from what i gather... RARE BANSHEE can stand and shoot.... 'cos it says so HERO BANSHEE AND GHEIST can't stand and shoot as it states they just take place in the shooting phase. Then I assume all need LOS (arc), and can only scream into combat theyre in. The leadership of the scream-ee is...
  5. Annie

    A tale of X Ghouls - Annies Painting Log

    Yay at last recognition! Cheers! When I get more dogs and zombies....and scenery... maybe then I'll do a big pic! Got paid today.... I bought Garden of Morr Watchtower Mantic 3 UP Undead rat Black tree design 3 wraiths and 6 ghouls Hasslefree Boob lady on undead troll (abyssal terror should...
  6. Annie

    Yourself! On a picture...

    I don't, look at my bunker being backed into the corner by all the rats! And my wraiths going "arghhh what to do! Can' anything!" (Doomwheel and Abomb coming in the side!)
  7. Annie

    FW wight battle standard model (now in colour)

    Meh. Many other alternative mini companies out there. I don't get people saying it's only used for drakenhoff... use it for whatever... Why do you even paint what your magical banner is? I take a variety of different banners and theyre always secret until they take effect.... drakonhoff ghouls...
  8. Annie

    Yourself! On a picture...

    Being 20-0'd by Skaven.....
  9. Annie

    A tale of X Ghouls - Annies Painting Log

    Right! Long awaited update! More zombies! As you can see, theres allsorts going on there! Also, these ghouls I have had since Christmas, I think I filed them all ready once but then I had no glue or bases or something so I put them away again... which meant today was a simple case...
  10. Annie

    What's going on in your life?

    I've had a busy summer of working, festivals, festival work and WFB tournaments. Back at university now. Not very exciting but thought I'd explain my absence!
  11. Annie

    W: GW zombies H:Paypal

    Hola! Looking for lots of munchies if you can help, as numerous as possible and as cheaply as possible! Are your zombies dying of hunger in your cupboard, bits box, wardrobe, garage......? Give them another chance of unlife I beg of you! All zombies will be fed daily, and stitched back...
  12. Annie

    Are you or do you know a female wargamer?

    Haha I forgot I posted here, just came over to do it and realised I already had! I wasn't expecting to find swathes of women here, I'd already netted merenwen :perv: but thought was worth a shot, got tonnes off The Warhammer Forum though! Could you spread the rally cry out to corners of the...
  13. Annie

    Are you or do you know a female wargamer?

    Do you enjoy playing tabletop wargames? Do you have a lovely pair of matching X chromosomes? Do you live in the UK? (or can get here super easy) ------- If you or somebody you know says "yes!!" to the above two questions, can you please send me a message! There is a purpose and...
  14. Annie

    Max wounds on summoned Spirit Host?

    I was holding up 40 greatswords with 2 spirit host, but one had just the one wound on it, if I'd lost by 1 (crappy rolling) I would have lost 4 attacks so I was wondering whether it would be worth healing a couple of wounds to stop them going for my vamp bunker... I was lucky in the end anyway...
  15. Annie

    Max wounds on summoned Spirit Host?

    Thanks a lot, I knew I should have read them properly! xD
  16. Annie

    Max wounds on summoned Spirit Host?

    If a successful wind of undeath creates say a 5 wound spirit host, so two bases.... can I heal that 1 wound base to max or not? I think no, but it's just worth a ponder. Normally yes you can but only 1 wound at a time with invocation, but because it has been created with only 5 wounds, it...
  17. Annie


    Do it do it do it! Before it's too late! :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost::scared::devil2: You know you want to :perv::perv::perv:
  18. Annie

    Yourself! On a picture...

  19. Annie

    FOR SALE: Handmade dice bags

    Hey all. I make dice bags. There's going to be about 2-3weeks of lull as I panic with university work, but after that I shall be making lots and lots, and setting up a website. These are just a few I've been making, but I can do "requests" to pretty much whatever size, shape, colour that you...

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