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  1. akiro27

    Dark Souls 2 is out!

    Hurk! Spent my evening getting pummeled in Dark Souls 2 yesterday - freaking love it. So far the game is very similar to the first, but with many improvements. New land, same feel - lots to do and avoid doing at all cost. Any other DS fans in here pick it up yet? -luke
  2. akiro27

    vs Dark Elves - 2500

    Hey guys, Steapa on our site got a hold of me for a "hey, we don't know each other, but let's meet at a neutral location, play a game of warhammer and neither of us will murder the other". I call it 'the craigslist' experience. Thankfully that's what happened! I'm still alive! The game...
  3. akiro27

    vs Empire (with Karl) 2400

    Hot Karl takes to the field and takes 2 steps back, seeing a fast-moving Vampire and his winged host. Who will win? You're going to need to click and find out! Battle Report -luke
  4. akiro27

    Sigmar's Blood Campaign

    Hey guys, Starting a run through Sigmar's Blood campaign book. So far it's SUPER cool. Done game 1 and have the batrep up: Battle Report Let's turn the world to darkness! -luke
  5. akiro27

    Challenge and Karl

    So tonight I was in a challenge with one of my Blood Knights & Karl Franz, who auto-wounds with each wound multiplying to d3. My opponent said that in the challenge he, landing 3 wounds, would be able to multiply them against me. Normally you can't do this because you're capped by the...
  6. akiro27

    vs Ogre Kingdoms - 2500

    Trying to teach my father-in-law that there are other armies to play besides Dwarfs, I convinced him to play the Ogres vs my Vampires! Battle Report -- Zombie Dragon list makes a comeback: My list: Zombie Horde x 30, muso, std. Zombie Horde x 30, muso, std. Zombie Horde x 30...
  7. akiro27

    Screamer List vs WoC - 2500

    Hey all, Some Warriors face off against a fun screaming list! This list could be VERY cool! Little screaming, little lore of death, little in-yo-face! Battle Report --- my list: Strigoi Ghoul King (Screamzo the magnificent) . . 1 Skabscrath (Death Shriek) . . 1 Dragonbane Gem ...
  8. akiro27

    2500 vs Warriors of Chaos

    Zombie Dragon & Hex Wraith list versus an infantry + Daemon Prince WoC List Battle Report --- My list: Zombie Horde x 30, muso, std. Zombie Horde x 30, muso, std. Zombie Horde x 30 Dire Wolves x 5 Dire Wolves x 5 Skeleton Warriors x 45, FC, shield, sword Necromancer . . 1...
  9. akiro27

    Crypt Scavengers Battlescroll vs Empire - 2500

    Decided to try using the Crypt Scavengers battlescroll the day it came out ... with a rudimentary understanding of the rules and hell of a lot of moxy, I threw down a force and challenged Karl Franz himself! Battle Report -luke My list: 2500 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster --The...
  10. akiro27

    vs Warriors at 2500!

    Well now they've done it: warriors woke up the zombie dragon and blood knights. Time to slap them around. Battle Report HERE, suckas! -aki MY LIST: Fell Bats Zombie Horde . . 30 Zombies (Musician; Standard Bearer) Zombie Horde (30#) . . 30 Zombies Zombie Horde (30#)...
  11. akiro27

    vs Ogres 2500 (2 games)

    First of 2 games versus my bro-in-law playing the Ogre Kingdoms. Here we go: Battle Report My army list: Mortis Engine . . 1 Mortis Engine, (Blasphemous Tome) Corpse Cart . . 1 Corpse Cart Master Necromancer . . 1 Master Necromancer (Level 4 Upgrade) Necromancer . . ...
  12. akiro27

    vs Empire 2000

    What the heck is this? Luke's actually playing the VC? ... and he brought BLOOD KNIGHTS? WUT WUT! Battle Report Here's the list: 2000 Pts - (actually 1962 with my mistake on bats) --- 3 Vargheists 3 Vargheists Fell Bats (mistakenly took points for bat swarms) Vampire Lord -...
  13. akiro27

    H: brets W: $ towards new dark elves

    Hey all, looking to offload some brets towards those new, gorgeous Dark Elves. Here is a link to the army You can see that they're all in various states of painted, from completed to assembled/primed. Combination of old models, pewter and new finecast. 9 Knights of the Realm (all...
  14. akiro27

    vs (new) High Elves 2500

    Can you believe it? A second luke-batrep with the vamps in a row! Gotta love it! Double TG, Knight Bus and the requisite core... time to scream and charge! Battle Report -aki
  15. akiro27

    vs Empire 2500

    VC versus the empire yesterday! 2 stanks. 2 Terrorgheists. GET SOME Battle Report -aki
  16. akiro27

    What a great club name!

    My wife started watching the show Lost Girl - screams of buffy with worse writing but the addition of softcore ponography. Anyways, as I was painting up some squigs, I happened to look up to catch part of the show where a few of the characters were coming out of a club.... one with a fantastic...
  17. akiro27

    vs WoC 2500

    Dusted off the VC and got coven throne + ZD + black coach MADNESS!! Let's get it on Battle Report -aki
  18. akiro27

    vs Orcs & Gobblins (BBB vs Aki!)

    Hey guys, Big Bad Bat and Akiro27 got together and play a game today! Got the battle report to prove it. On a related note, BBB is a pretty awesome guy! Battle Report -aki
  19. akiro27

    Blood Bowl on sale

    Blood Bowl is on sale on steam for a few days On sale on steam -aki
  20. akiro27

    vs (new) Warriors of Chaos 2500

    I told you I wasn't done playing vampires! VC versus WoC - we'll sell you the whole seat, but you'll only need THE EDGE! Battle Report -aki

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