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  1. Nexus

    Vampire Counts army with paints etc all possibly for sale

    Sorry Mods but I can't seem to post in the Undertakers Auction forum... Due to a few things going on and the possibility of moving into a new flat and needing money to fund it, I may have to sell on the warhammer army I just recently started building up again already. If I don't end up...
  2. Nexus

    VC vs Brets - the rematch! (2nd ever 8th edition game)

    This is a follow up report to mine and my opponents' first 8th edition game ever, found here. VAMPIRE COUNTS VS BRETONNIA I just got back from our rematch! I had experienced the Bretonnians (and 8th edition!) for the first time now, and also learned from a few general gaming mistakes in...
  3. Nexus

    Played my first 8th edition game today - VC vs Brets

    I joined my local gaming group today and played my first game of fantasy in a couple of years against the organiser. It was also his first 8th edition game as they've been focusing on other games. I took my 2000 points of still unpainted Vampire Counts, and he brought along his knights of...
  4. Nexus

    What Lores do you most commonly use with your VC? (Poll)

    I was looking over another thread about which lore of magic most VC players regularly play and decided it would be clearer and easier to tell if such a question came alongside a poll. I hope you don't mind me making one and also take the time to enter it. You can if you want pick two options...
  5. Nexus

    How viable is the Zombie Dragon?

    Does anyone ever take it in normal sized games (2-3k)? I really like the new FW Carmine Dragon and am already planning to buy it, so I would like to stick a Vampire Lord on the top so I can actually make use of the model. But even at 2500 points a Vampire Lord on a Zombie Dragon is too...
  6. Nexus

    Need help putting an army together please (set theme)

    I'm just coming back into warhammer after a 2 year break, but I wouldn't class myself as a beginner as I played for 10 years. I'm sure after a few games I'll get back into the swing of things. First off though I need to get my army ready. I have zero friends who play and my brother no longer...
  7. Nexus

    The site is too dark?

    This site is pretty dark isn't it? I guess that's the point, but I seriously have to squint at my screen to read anything that's in red and not in bold case. If you look at warseer / they have black backgrounds but are still readable. Perhaps a brighter red font? Is there...
  8. Nexus

    Should I give them Spears?

    Apologies first off if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure if it was more fitting here, in tactics, or in the modelling sections. Basically, I'm coming back onto warhammer after more than 2 years out and for now I only want to focus on modelling, sculpting and painting rather than...
  9. Nexus

    Vampires 1k second attempt

    Here it is, attempt #2. I made a poll earlier of which list to use but realised I had added this one up wrong. Here it is, changed slightly, but this time correct. It has smaller skeleton units but that's nothing a few Invocations of Nehek can't fix, right? 175 - Vampire - Blood Drinker...
  10. Nexus

    Making the Black Coach from Corpse Cart?

    Has anybody done it? Got some pics? I want to do this myself but am just awaiting some inspiration.
  11. Nexus

    First ever attempt at 1k Vampire Counts

    Q) Are the Dire Wolves better off in 2x5 or 1x10? Q) Can Blood Drinker only heal the Vamp once per phase like IoN? Note: Vamp will take 2hw as the model is Konrad. Note: I didnt take IH as I wanted more raising, mainly ability on skellies. Vampire - 190 - Blood Drinker, Avatar of...
  12. Nexus

    When & What is the Second Wave?

    This is not a Wishlisting thread. I don't care what you want in the second wave of miniatures. I do, however, want to know if anything is confirmed or highly likely to be included due to rumours from reliable sources. I also would like to know when the second wave will be out, since the first...

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