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  1. Azakael

    Leg Spacing Between Models

    Was eyeballing the Chaos Lord on Manticore kit and was curious - has anyone tried taking the Zombie Dragon's rider and mounting it on the Manticore as an Abyssal Terror? If so, how well did the legs fit?
  2. Azakael

    New Plastic Wraith Test

    Okay, I know the picture quality is terrible, but I was testing something different for painting my wraiths instead of the layers and layers of drybrushing I have done before. Instead this is wash after wash after wash of Badab Black. The base for the robes is Astronomican Grey, the scythe...
  3. Azakael

    Evander's Day - 8th Ed vs Orcs and Gobbos.

    List used can be found here: Evander McKillstabby Evander faced off against the Orcs and Goblins in a Dawn Fight. Evander ended up with VDM and Summon Undead Horde. Pietr ended up with Raise Dead and Curse of Years. The random deployment had his forces spread across the table, while I was...
  4. Azakael

    2001 point, 8th Ed, Ehh, Why Not? List

    So, since tonight will, in theory, be my first 8th Edition game, I thought that I'd throw out a Why not? list. We're looking at 2K, and I went a little over. I don't think my group will sweat that 1 point. So without further ado, we have- Lord: Evander McKillstabby - Vampire Lord - Sword of...
  5. Azakael

    Thoughts on VC Magic Given 8th Edition

    I have been able to peruse the new 8th Edition rule book and there are some interesting things with magic given the new rules: 1.) Bound Items are now cast. You now have to use power dice from your pool to cast them. 2.) Only magic missile spells require LoS to the target. 3.) Dispels...
  6. Azakael

    500 Point Demo Army

    So I need a 500 points army to demo the new 8th Edition, here's what I am thinking of: Hero: (Not necessary, but it's undead!) - Necromancer with Invocation and Vanhel's Core: - 10 x Skeletons HWS with full command. - 15 x Skeletons Spear/ Shield with full command and war banner...
  7. Azakael

    1500 Points Considering 8th Requirements

    So given the rumors for 8th edition, here at work we've been thinking of 1500 point Demo-ish armies as a mental exercise. I found that while the 25% on Heroes was a little restrictive, all it did was keep me from putting more eggs on my Heros. Even then, I'm only 95 points away from maxing out...
  8. Azakael

    Wight Banner Thoughts

    I've been giving some thoughs as to how to model my new GG, HW/S or Great Weapons and was thinking about which is better: Banner of the Barrows of the Banner of Strigos. Typically I've been giving my Black Knights the Banner of the Barrows, but after re-reading the Banner of Strigos, I think...

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