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  1. Simon von Carstein

    TVC II Chapter 9 - The Master of Blood Keep

    Guards leapt to attention as the Lord Imperator strode out of Drakenhof closely followed by Sergeant Wolfram Jens. "My lord I am greatly concerned about this journey." he said "Getting to Blood Keep will take us several days through enemy territory and there is the matter of taking that beast...
  2. Simon von Carstein

    TVC II Supplemental Triumvirate Timeline.

    1671 - Damek Khitrovo is born into the powerful Kislev Khitrovo family which was connected to the royal house of Kislev. He was raised to be a High General in Kislev's armies and led by great forces against the Chaos borders. 1709 - A man introducing himself as Vlad von Carstein stays a few...
  3. Simon von Carstein

    TVC II Supplemental Chapter -1: Southern Diplomacy

    One League south of the Blood River 2530 It was a small group who approached the small fortified encampment. In the distance they could see a great mass. A Carstein army. As per the agreement they were over a mile away from where the negotiations were to take place. Armoured wights watched...
  4. Simon von Carstein

    TVC II OOC Organisations

    Here you can post details on any organisations, Armies or groups controlled by your character. This is surprisingly good fun and helps to flesh out characters and their back stories. I believe Get of W'soran holds the record for most organisations created in TVC. Organisation: the name of the...
  5. Simon von Carstein

    TVC - Chapter 54 - Full Circle

    It was a bedraggled and somewhat reduced group of Baalak Gul that arrived at the Fords of Ikaana. The leader limped forwards in a vicious mood. His mission to capture the Ghoul Queen had failed and out of the three hundred troops he had led only forty three remained many slain by the arrows of...
  6. Simon von Carstein

    Problem with Spyware

    Hello I require some help as I'm not very technology minded. A few days ago my computer was infected with a trojan. My antivirus software dealt with it but now I'm stuck with some Spyware that won't let me back on the web unless I buy new antivirus software from it. I've tried defragmenting my...
  7. Simon von Carstein

    TVC - Chapter 51 - Aftermath

    The three vampires strode through Drakenhof side by side. Living servants and vampire thralls stepping aside to let them pass. The three paused by the door leading to the Count's quarters. Simon turned to glance at Mircea, Mircea stared at Karl and Karl seemed to grin at Simon. Each of them...
  8. Simon von Carstein

    TVC - Chapter 49 - Geheimnisnacht

    Night was beginning to fall when the coach arrived at the desolate ruin known as the Red Abbey. Though it been abandoned long before there was a hive of activity around it. The coach stopped outside to be met by Lucius. Simon stepped out "I'm glad to see you made it in time Lucius." he said...
  9. Simon von Carstein

    Chronicles of Simon - Hunter or Hunted

    Part 1 Flensburg on the outskirts of Nattern Forest Stirland 2020 Night was falling on the small town of Flensburg when Simon's coach arrived at the local Inn. He stepped out and glanced around. There was no one around at all "which" he thought to himself "was hardly surprising as the undead...
  10. Simon von Carstein

    The Coup

    The Border Principalities 2301 Dawn was steadily approaching outside when Simon arrived to answer the summons of his employer Baron Rothmeyer. Simon was not in a good mood. The recent war with a neighboring princedom had not gone well was his army of mercenaries. In one battle he had lost two...
  11. Simon von Carstein

    TVC - Chapter 39 - The Scribe

    Stormclouds were gathering over Sylvania when Simon and Peter arrived at Drakenhof. Vast legions of undead were already beginning to form up around it. Simon had summoned forty legions to the Keep if he added those to the twenty five he had at Nexeternus and the Border Princes he was confident...
  12. Simon von Carstein

    TVC - Chapter 38 - Altdorf

    It was morning in Altdorf and inthe throne room of the Imperial palace an important meeting perhaps the most important since before the Lord of the Endtimes chaos incursion was taking place. Present in the room were Emperor Karl Franz, Grand Theoganist Volkmar, Commander of the Reiksguard Kurt...
  13. Simon von Carstein

    Simon's Army

    I've decided that as Simon has a wide variety of troops that I should put them all down here so that I don't forget them.xD Core Troops Skeletons - ordinary Bat swarms Dire wolves Corpse Carts - Gained when Simon took Sylvania. Feral Ghouls - Baalak Gul rejects Living Sylvanian...
  14. Simon von Carstein

    New Time of Legends books

    The next book in the Nagash trilogy of the Time of Legends books comes out in january 2010 and is called Nagash the Unbroken and before that in September the new Sigmar book Empire is coming out.
  15. Simon von Carstein

    TVC - Chapter 30 - A Vision of the Future

    Simon arrived back at Drakenhof in a foul mood dismounting from Daredevil he strode to the throneroom ignoring the wight guards. Approached by Lucius and Akarin he stopped "I hope you have better news than I have gentlemen!" he spat "I assume that the attempt to rescue lord Cromwell failed my...
  16. Simon von Carstein

    name meanings

    If Neferata means beautiful death then what do Vashanesh, Ushoran, Abhorash, Wsoran and Maatmases mean? Any ideas?
  17. Simon von Carstein

    The Teachings of Mathius

    2522 Siegfriedhof The aged monk sank into his chair. Before him stood a group of younger monks, fresh blood newly dedicated to Morr god of the underworld. One of the older ones spoke "Master Vanderhaven we have been sent to you as one of the older members and Chief librarian to gain knowledge...
  18. Simon von Carstein

    TVC - (Supplemental Piece) - The Temple of Sigmar

    Night fell over Altdorf capital of the Empire it was quieter than usual as its citizens had taken to retreating indoors at sunset due to the recent events that had taken place. Jonas Essel doorwarden to the temple of Sigmar was one citizen who would not be sleeping that night with so few guards...
  19. Simon von Carstein

    TVC - Chapter 22 - Lord of the Dead, Lord of the Earth

    The two Black coaches slowed to a stop it had been an hour since they had left the Badlands and arrived at the Border Princes. Something had changed in the distance fires burned. The small town was completely destroyed when they arrived. Mircea stepped out of his coach and examined the...

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