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  1. Unas the slayer

    A brief History of Wargames

    Some years ago, back in 2019, our gaming group managed to organize an event with miniatures expositions and many games. The municipality gave us the use of the public library and also some money as grant, because i presented the whole thing as a cultural event. the event, advertised on the...
  2. Unas the slayer

    Unas' lists: Nighthaunt w Nagash 2000 pts

    Why should i post a dedicated thread everytime i want to ponder about a certain list? let's try this formula, updating the thread's title each time.
  3. Unas the slayer

    AoS - 3rd AoS News Thread

    this thread has been made to discuss all the news related to AoS. Not only related to undead, but kinda like everything you'd like: rules, rumors, update to armies, points changes and so on...
  4. Unas the slayer


    ok, this thread will be ideally dedicated to batreps from our games or, why not, link to particularly egregious youtube reports.
  5. Unas the slayer

    2v2 - Soulblight v Stormcast

    Tomorrow we are going to play a narrative game, based on the "bell" scenario in our handbook we'll be 2 v 2, each player with 1500 pts, so it will be 3000 v 3000 i expect a double SC lists both filled with the new dragons. my partner will bring a Vrykos list, more or less composed this way...
  6. Unas the slayer

    Lists disussions and suggestions

    i don't think at the moment we'll have a so large amount of debates in this subforum, enough to have multiple threads on list plannings. So, at least for the moment, i believe a single thread that includes debates on lists and ideas can be handy.
  7. Unas the slayer

    Ninth edition news

    leaks for points changes that will come with the new chapter approved 2022 i have to say that i welcome the reductions for Necrons... they needed it. Also the slight increases for high performing units as Dreadknights and Hive Guards sound sensible.
  8. Unas the slayer

    AoS - 3rd Nighthaunts Overview

    Carpe Noctem is not only the home for Vampires, but for all undead and creatures of the night, so of course (with good reasons) Nagash wouldn’t want unprepared generals to lead the forces of one of his armies… and certainly you won’t displease Lady Olinder, right? So, here we are. NIGHTHAUNTS...
  9. Unas the slayer

    So, anyone into 40K?

    Given that, aside from Karak Norn Clansman fluff thread, we have no active debate since years, i was wondering if someone plays 40k in 9th edition, and what armies are the most loved by we undead players... I've got 6 armies (which is somehow crazy, but you know how impulsive collecting works)...
  10. Unas the slayer

    WHFB - 8th Tomb Kings: the Great Tactica Thread

    OK, let’s talk about Tomb Kings. First of all I’m going to say that I’m no 8th expert, far from it. I’ve collected Tomb Kings for a number of years and I’ve won some AoS tournaments with my army (when AoS TK were still a thing), but in 8th edition I’ve less than 10 games under my belt...
  11. Unas the slayer

    Tomb Kings Gallery: Models

    This thread will be a collection of various models and complete Tomb Kings armies, so not only mine. Many pictures come from the Tomb Kings of Khemri forum, done during the years by various members (this is a way to don't let these old works vanish in the dust), and some others were collected...
  12. Unas the slayer

    Tomb Kings Gallery: art

    This thread will be a collection of illustrations and art dedicated to Tomb Kings. Call it an inspirational thread, if you like. Many pictures were collected from years of wandering around various sites, some of them are fairly new (tnx to TotalWar), and many other will come. Everyone that finds...
  13. Unas the slayer

    Lustria Online: Short Stories Comp

    This is an ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD On Lustria Online, every 3 months is running a Short Story competition, for short stories between 500 and 2000 words, that must involve Lizardmen (Don't worry, "must involve" means that you can write a story about a hamlet haunted by vampires and one of the...
  14. Unas the slayer

    AoS - 3rd NIGHTHAUNT - Reference Charts

    Once again, the game has changed and 3.0 is here. Big changes happened… and sadly, many things are no more. Battalions are gone, staking command abilities is gone, bonuses to to hit, to wound and saves are capped at +1 / -1 (not that we care about saves) The Nighthaunt army is the same, and...
  15. Unas the slayer

    Fanfiction - WHFB Short Story: The King of the Desert

    The King of the Desert I miss the slum of Marienburg. For a mercenary, the Old World was full of wars and nobles ready to hire some swords, but the risks were high and the payment was never so good… so we were often laying in the slum, eating some rat’s stew and drinking bad wine. No wonder our...
  16. Unas the slayer

    Fanfiction - WHFB Short story: The prideful Father

    The Prideful Father All the people of the city of Sanntri were amassed in the plain, near the Great Pyramid. On the top of a huge platform, the High Priest of the Mortuary Cult, the High Priest of Ptra, the Great Necrotect Techimech and the Master Craftsman were patiently waiting for the...
  17. Unas the slayer

    Fanfiction - WHFB Short story: The Weight of our Actions

    THE WEIGHT OF OUR ACTIONS The golden artefact was in the Lord’s Treasury. The priests of the pyramid-temple were prepared to protect it for countless ages. _____ The first part of the expedition went well, they entered enemy’s land without finding any real opposition, apart the excessive...
  18. Unas the slayer

    Fanfiction - WHFB Short story: The Path to Salvation

    THE PATH TO SALVATION Once it should have been a city filled with life, gloriously standing within the jungle and embraced by the luxuriant vegetation, with stone-paved roads moving away in a radial pattern, just a few tens of miles away from the coast. Now it was only a large area of...
  19. Unas the slayer

    Fanfiction - WHFB Short story: Growing up

    GROWING UP The Child Prince Thuth-Amon was riding back home. Two companies of horsemen and two companies of horse archers were his actual escort, while the infantry was left behind. They were in a hurry. Amon-Thuth was at the citadel of Aqaba for a period of play and study, when the priest came...
  20. Unas the slayer

    Unas the Slayer's Terrains

    I have started to build some terrains, basically just for 40k, but in the future i will do the same thing also for fantasy. The plan is to have lots of pieces, made as cheap as possible, using materials such: - polystirene - junk - discarded bits - other occasional cheap materials This...

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