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  1. Fenrir

    The end of paints as we know them

    Old wine, new bottles.
  2. Fenrir

    So what do you think of the new book?

    The zombies look woeful in the new book. Terrible
  3. Fenrir

    So what do you think of the new book?

    Forked over the £25 for the new book yesterday. Initial thoughts - this is not a product worth £25. When home later and reading the book, put it down to do something else and heard a loud "WHATS THAT? HA HA AHAHA AHAHAHAHA" from the next room. My wife was laughing at the crappy cover artwork...
  4. Fenrir

    So what do you think of the new book?

    Is it it worth buying the new book? I might just retire the army rather than bother buying any of the new stuff.
  5. Fenrir

    Official Rumour Thread: New Vampire Counts Book

    I should clarify that my post was neither upset or unhappy. It's probably more apathetic.
  6. Fenrir

    Official Rumour Thread: New Vampire Counts Book

    When is this rumoured to come out then? Jan? I suppose I'll hae a look when it arrives, but finding it difficult to get worked up about a new book coming, as I don't have much faith in the people at GW's design studio.
  7. Fenrir

    Warhammer: The Undead?

    Zombies are so passe now, Cannibals are the next big thing.
  8. Fenrir

    Revamped Undead

    Here you go. I bought some skeleton pirates to add to my grave guard unit as the models were fantastic. Once they arrive, I'll get some work done on them. Also got a suitable pirate to use as a Wight King in the future.
  9. Fenrir

    Gav Thorpe does Vampire Wars

    This is what the Black Library does now that the Horus Heresy has been such a success. I prefer to have the gaps and myths in the background, as once its all been explained theres nothing left to imagine.
  10. Fenrir

    Warhammer: The Undead?

    After this thread, I decided to have a read of the undead background in the 8th edition rulebook. All I can say is that Phil Kelly is a goon - he's changed some of the details to make them seem more "cool" but failed miserably. Alcadizzar setting about Nagash whilst he's in the middle of the...
  11. Fenrir

    Centralised Text

    Work computer, so not sure of the details. Windows XP Professional running internet explorer 8
  12. Fenrir

    350pts 35th GW anniversary knockout tips needed!

    Can you fit two Varghulfs into 350 pts?
  13. Fenrir

    Revamped Undead

    My ghouls came out a little too dark, so they'll be lightened when I paint the next 12 up. To me, they always seemed as though they should be grey skinned from the dirt and lack of sun.
  14. Fenrir

    Centralised Text

    Not sure if I've wittingly clicked something, but all of the text on the forum is set to the centre of the screen, instead of being set on the left like other forums. Is there any way to correct this?
  15. Fenrir

    Show us your Tar pits(Zombies) and Corpse Carts

    The original head is long, long, lost. You can blame my years of moving about, lugging a cardboard box from place to place, for that. I bunged an old head on it as it seemed fitting.
  16. Fenrir

    Worst Model Ever

    Yes, but Nagash is about 16/17 years old and you would have expected GW to improve in that time. Instead, you end up with a Razorgor. Same era produced Orion, which is another el crapolo model. I still have Nagash indoors, and a decent paintjob adds a lot to the model. Still turd...
  17. Fenrir

    Show us your Skellys

    Skele Tones
  18. Fenrir

    Show us your Grave Guards

    Ok, heres mine. Already posted elsewhere, but why not? I like the newer models and they fit in with my old army quite well - which is more than can be said for the 5th edition gigantic skeletons.

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