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  1. Trevy the Great

    Banned Users appear on Birthdays list

    This may seem like a bit of an odd request, but I looked at the "Birthdays today" list to see something rather unsettling... Sam630 Krystal_17 flokeloxy KATp Moonsubolessy Unernefopouse rousuarcoence oakley1aju HonoAduraro teercoupe NuffInenueCep bkwqewp nuaceRoomaRop tonoenzycle...
  2. Trevy the Great

    More Accessable Chat?

    In order to make chat a little more popular perhaps the link for it could be moved to the toolbar at the top of the page (next to "Home" or "Forum" perhaps). It's a little easier to remember to open the chatroom when I can easily see it when I log in and don't have to open an whole 'nuther...
  3. Trevy the Great

    Bravo_10 vs. Trevy

    Took me long enough to post this. Bravo_10 vs. yours truly. 2,000 points. Vampire Counts vs. Beastmen. Bam. Battle report. Enjoy.
  4. Trevy the Great

    Perdition's Flames: Chapter 1 (I need encouragement...)

    This is the first chapter from a sweet fiction I'm in the process of writing that deals with the background and inner-workings of my highly radical and completely fuzzy little DiY Space Marine chapter. It's so fluffy you could probably prance around a green field full of flowers and cuddly...
  5. Trevy the Great

    Dealing With Hordes

    I pride myself on having a very balanced play-style. I tend to run armies that have an equal ability to take on mechanized armies, shooty armies, assault armies etc. The problem I always run into is horde armies. I just don't have a way to deal with 100+ models! :( I generally play...
  6. Trevy the Great

    1.5k Tourney Bugs

    My local gaming club is generally a pretty casual group of gamers, but lately the club has been trying to get more and more into the tournament aspect of the game and as such is running its first tournament this coming weekend. The size of the event is 1,500 points, using normal 40k scenario...
  7. Trevy the Great

    Warmachine Plog Doomed to Fail

    I have a habit of starting Plogs for my armies and then never updating them. I'll remember, of course, three months later and make a huge photo-dump and then forget about the whole thing. It's really despicable. So let's see if I can actually upkeep one, shall we? ... xD I almost said that...
  8. Trevy the Great

    H: A whole army of painted Beastmen! W: Moniez!

    Hey folks, I have a sweet army to sell to you today, it's a 4,000 point Beastmen army consisting of 173 models, all professionally painted with lots of conversions and things. The army is painted up to a very high tabletop standard while the characters in it are painted up to a good showcase...
  9. Trevy the Great

    30,000 points of Apocalypse!

    I haven't been posting a great deal recently mainly due to the fact that I've been working my poor, bony tush off getting ready for a massive Apocalypse event that I throw for local players every year. This event, known as 'TAB' (short for Trevy's Apocalypse Bash) started several years ago...
  10. Trevy the Great

    The Nightmare Horde of Cryx

    This forum has been going for several years, right? It's seen three editions of the game, it's branched out to other games and endorsed products by manufacturers other than very the creator of its subject matter. Well, I think its time that Carpe Noctem had some Warmachine influence! And what...
  11. Trevy the Great

    Trevy's Actually Painting Vampire Counts!

    It's been many moons since I put paintbrush to bare bone, but as many of you know I am a painter of commissions and not subject to my own painting whims alone. xD So yeah, a while ago I received an order for a very large force of Vampire Count dudemans which I have been steadily plodding away...
  12. Trevy the Great

    Mini Transport

    I'm going to be moving pretty soon and, of course, I plan to take a great deal of my beloved minis with me! Unfortunately I don't have the transportation options to carry them all! I'm really worried about my Lizardmen, a 175+ model army that includes a bunch of delicate Stegadons as well as a...
  13. Trevy the Great

    Something Old is New Again

    Hey everyone! I haven't been on this forum in a while - it used to be so much more plain when I was last on it! There are so many awesome features now too like the Zombies Shop where you can Change Your Name! It's so cool! I'd also like to let you all know that I have hacked your site and...
  14. Trevy the Great

    Consider the Gauntlet Lain Down!

    I've just installed the latest version of Battle Chronicler on my Bootcamp and I am rarin' to go with some Warhammer Online. After watching everyone else play with this system I'm in need of some WFO lovin'! Whose up for a game!?
  15. Trevy the Great

    H: Awesome and Painted Grey Knights Army W: YOUR SOUL!!! (and moniez)

    Hey kids, I have a fairly sizable Grey Knights army that runs 38 models and around 2,000 points. It is all fully painted to a very high standard. All in all, the army includes: -10 Terminators/Paladins -25 Power Armored Grey Knights (8 with Psycannons and 3 Justicars) -1 Librarian -1...
  16. Trevy the Great

    Painted Reaper on eBay

    I have a bunch of painted Reaper models up on eBay for those who are interested; I encourage you all to take a look! Dorva, Dark Elf Black Legionnaire Errant...
  17. Trevy the Great

    Warriors of Chaos as Blood Dragons

    So, I was working my poor little tush off on some perfectly legitimate schoolwork today when my mind began to wander. Unfortunately it soon became lost (my mind does not have a particularly good sense of direction), so after three hours of desperately searching my neighborhood for it I received...
  18. Trevy the Great

    Assaulting out of Drop Pods?

    It was brought to my attention at the meeting of my local club that Drop Pods have the 'Open Topped' rule, meaning that a squad embarked in the vehicle may assault out of its Deep Strike. Neither the FAq nor the Codex says anything to contradict this. Has anyone had any experience with this...
  19. Trevy the Great

    Percentage-Based Tournament Scoring

    I'm trying to get a local tournament together sometime soon and I was thinking about the scoring system when a percentage-based system came to my mind. Theoretically, the way it would work was that players would score points based on the percentage of the objectives that they completed. For...
  20. Trevy the Great

    Problems with Armorcast?

    I ordered a set of those wonderful cinematic effects from Armorcast over a month ago because I was hearing a lot about how awesome they were and I wanted my Space Marines to look even cooler. I paid with PayPal and subsequently received the confirmation from PayPal that my money was sent, but...

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