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  1. Trevy the Great

    TVC OOC (New)

    Later, I guess. :D DoN, I shot a couple PMs over to you a while ago, did you get 'em?
  2. Trevy the Great

    Sisters are doin' it for themselves....

    Ooh, I like it! Very 'clean.' In all honesty, I think you should keep the red cloth; white cloth with snow bases may overpower the models, and the red looks great how it is!
  3. Trevy the Great

    Show us your Skellys

    Ado, your skellies make me wish I could paint. :| Nice job!
  4. Trevy the Great

    TVC - Chapter 54 - Full Circle

    Vekarin felt Negash’s icy grip envelope him as he was lifted off the ground, armor groaning as its straps were stretched taut under the massive Blood Dragon’s weight. The intense cold surrounded Vekarin, dulling his senses and befuddling his mind as his body turned to wafting dust about him...
  5. Trevy the Great

    TVC OOC (New)

    Sorry, lads; I'm pretty busy this weekend. I'll have to post Sunday or Monday, when I have time.
  6. Trevy the Great

    Kabal of the Bone Reaper (W.I.P Dark Eldar Log)

    Whoa, what a cool color scheme! I look forward to seeing more!
  7. Trevy the Great

    TVC - Chapter 54 - Full Circle

    The world is ever spinning; sphere never ceasing-never tiring in its eternal rotation., the paths of the stars etched into its ever-changing surface. It was in this dance that all of reality whirled around the Blood Dragon. To him, it was not his body that he sent twisting away from the fatal...
  8. Trevy the Great

    TVC OOC (New)

    Oooh. One of those. Yeah, I'll get around to it after I finish slaying the father of Necromancy. xD
  9. Trevy the Great

    The 'hurry up and post!' thread

    Don't apologize, DoN! Don't bow to their wishes! Stand strong in the face of peer pressure! xD
  10. Trevy the Great

    TVC OOC (New)

    Should I shoot you another PM, DoN? xD
  11. Trevy the Great

    Knights le Bretonnii

    These are fantastic! It's nice to see some bright, crisp colors on the table; I tend to only see a lot of dark "edgy" armies. xD
  12. Trevy the Great

    TVCII planning thread

    The last three years of roleplaying will culminate in the epic conclusion where the Council fails utterly in their ultimate goal, each going their separate ways to whine about it like characters from Twilight.
  13. Trevy the Great

    Tau Firewarrior Query

    If it makes you feel any better, Termagants have better Initiative and Weapon Skill values.
  14. Trevy the Great

    TVCII planning thread

    TVC has never really had a humorous tone (unless I'm missing something, of course xD ). The sequel will continue that tradition.
  15. Trevy the Great

    TVC - Chapter 54 - Full Circle

    The ground pounded under his boots; the unearthly, vampiric power of his body pushing him to a velocity that caused the chaos of the pitched battle around him to melt into a entropic blur. Only his target was clear to Vekarin’s eyes; the skeletal form of Nagash shining like a dead star fallen...
  16. Trevy the Great

    TVC OOC (New)

    Super-duper epic monster mega ultra post completed! I'll post more later.
  17. Trevy the Great

    TVC - Chapter 54 - Full Circle

    A daemon is a powerful thing. A swirling eddy of the infinitely complex realm of chaos given form, raised out of the pandemonium and shaped by the very thoughts of mortals into something entrusted with occult purpose and blessed with the unholy strength to fulfill it. It is a manifestation of...
  18. Trevy the Great

    TVC OOC (New)

    I'm up to 3-pages on my word doc and counting. Don't rush me. xD
  19. Trevy the Great

    What's going on in your life?

    That sounds pretty auspicious, DoN! Nice job!

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