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  1. Johnny-Crass

    Please help make this Vampire better

    Swap great weapon for lance and shield
  2. Johnny-Crass

    Do you use night shroud?

    Yes but if she is not looking I just pretend I used it.
  3. Johnny-Crass

    What's going on in your life?

    Started a new line of work. Making good money and loving my job and I get to work from home. Very exciting and I get to work with the woman I love. Good times for J-C
  4. Johnny-Crass

    HKB vampiric skill

    Wrong. Red Fury generates the exact same attack that caused the wound initially. This is why my expanding breath weapon theory worked so well. But it is still a stupid risky tradeoff
  5. Johnny-Crass

    Johnny- Crass : Return of the Brush

    Here is a video clip of him As for the ankels I did some research.... Of fat people ankles and of bovine ankles and melded them together and got that. Not the best results but I like it
  6. Johnny-Crass

    Blood In The Sun 2014

    I got on offer for all expenses besides Airfare to go but saddly I got work that weekend. I will be at Alamo though
  7. Johnny-Crass

    Johnny- Crass : Return of the Brush

    Been sculpting my great bray shaman from scratch. Here he is at about 85%
  8. Johnny-Crass

    Demon Prince: How?

    Prince does not have to challenge first off. Secondly besides screams mindrazor and death magic we struggle. But a good ole champ trap should hold him if you can catch hime.
  9. Johnny-Crass

    Dear Johnny

    Make lizards dance in the sun or fight chaff all game. As for carts against woodies they arejust not fast enough but coach is the best
  10. Johnny-Crass

    Frozen & Khorne

    What's a skullthrone? Is that like a crappy skull cannon ;)
  11. Johnny-Crass

    Dear Johnny

    Blocks and blocks and more blocks. Elves dont like boots on the ground
  12. Johnny-Crass

    Dear Johnny

    He has gone through a few different phases but these days I use him as a shock platform so just heavy armor quick blood enchanted shield dawnstone and a lance
  13. Johnny-Crass

    Dear Johnny

    Two first games with the list. Lost turn 6 to high elves and destroyed a msu daemon army with the mino star getting +5 frenzy
  14. Johnny-Crass

    Dear Johnny
  15. Johnny-Crass

    Yourself! On a picture...

    Cut off the beard cut off the mohawk. Back to the nomad punk look
  16. Johnny-Crass

    Can you spot the deployment error?

    Beg your pardon but that is clearly MY daemonprince
  17. Johnny-Crass

    Johnny- Crass : Return of the Brush

    Total of 18 old metal minotaur and trying track down about 12 more so I could do an ogre army if I so wished
  18. Johnny-Crass

    Adam Barrow - Disturbing The Peace Of The Dead

    Idea stealing motha.... I mean it looks great mate! ;)
  19. Johnny-Crass

    Does Nightshroud defang Hellebron?

    Her weapon is a strength bonus. Thus Shroud works
  20. Johnny-Crass

    Johnny- Crass : Return of the Brush

    Good to be kinda back. Yeah got about 4k points converted and painted with another 1k unpainted or on sprue. Working on a few other projects as well. Like my Throgg army

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