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  1. Vlad Von Carstien

    2500pts tournament list

    So The Grave guard are a bunker for Manfred and the BSB so that the Grave guard can get two rounds of attacking and Manfred as well. generating extra power dice and killing lots of guys before those lame ASF elves or high initiative bad guys get a chance to wail on that unit. The Varghulf...
  2. Vlad Von Carstien

    The Walking dead TV show on AMC

    Hey all you creatures of the undead, I have been watching the new series on AMC called the walking dead you can watch the first episode on their website for free heres the link
  3. Vlad Von Carstien

    2500pts tournament list

    2500 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster Crypt Ghouls (50#, 408 pts) 49 Crypt Ghouls @ 408 pts (Causes Fear; Poisoned Attacks; Undead) 1 Crypt Ghast Vampire Lord (1#, 410 pts) 1 Vampire Lord @ 410 pts (General; Vampire; Level 3 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Wildheart; Undead) 1 The...
  4. Vlad Von Carstien

    What web site web host is best to use?

    hey guys as some of you may know am a commission painter and to help get more business I have decided to make a web site for my stuff. I am a pretty computer savvy guy but I just really don't know much about the whole web host business ,and how you go about launching your web site. Any help...
  5. Vlad Von Carstien

    Vampire lords with a 4+ ward in a unit with flag of the blood keep?

    OK guys here is the question if your vampire lord already has a 4+ ward save from a talisman and is in a unit with the flag of the blood keep. would his ward save go to 2+ against shooting? :|
  6. Vlad Von Carstien

    Blood drinker and dread knight?

    hey guys Its kind of a noob question but I was not sure about the STR the hit from my vampire with dread knight and blood drinker resolves at. so here is the question no ware does it say that blood drinker is a hand weapon so if you have Dread knight too does this mean that your blood drinker...
  7. Vlad Von Carstien

    Vlad's legion pledge

    hey guys for this I will be painting 40 skeletons :skull: 30 ghouls :zombie3: 1 vargulf :konrad: 5 blood knights :suck: and 1 Vlad model xD sorry but no pics today camera broken getting new one very soon.
  8. Vlad Von Carstien

    2500pts list to fight Ogres

    alright this is my list to fight my friends very good Ogre kindomes list in 8th ed. vampire lord 405pts -lvl 3 wizard upgrade -the flayed hauberk -the talisman of preservation -dark acolyte -master of the black arts Vampire 175pts -blood drinker -seed of rebirth -dread knight...
  9. Vlad Von Carstien

    some pics of the Island of blood starter set Figures!

    hey guys here are some pics of the new Island of blood starter set for fantasy. enjoy xD
  10. Vlad Von Carstien

    Exelent swamp basing tutorial !!!

    first off I am not sure if this is the right spot for this but here it goes. I was looking around the web when I stumbled upon this treasure. :happy: this has to be the best swamp base tutorial I have seen...
  11. Vlad Von Carstien

    A question about forbidden lore?

    hey guys I have a rules question about forbidden lore if you take a vampire lord that's lvl 3 and forbidden lore(death) would he know all the spells for death in addition to the 3 he rolls for on the vampire lore?
  12. Vlad Von Carstien

    reaching the horde rule without 50 models

    hey guys I was looking through my army book when I realized that one of our magic banners just became allot better with the creation of the Horde rule (when you have 50 guys in a unit you get a bunch of cool special rules.) And for only 25pts we can take the banner of the Undead legion and our...
  13. Vlad Von Carstien

    The high sorceress of the dark elf's commission DONE!!

    hey guys just thought I would let you guys see what I have been working on it a dark elf supreme sorceress for my friend's army. after seeing the crazy new lores :O in 8th ed he really wanted lore of fire to toast my vampires. enough about me here she is...
  14. Vlad Von Carstien

    some blood anges and a new undead paint scheam

    hey guys I havent posted in a while so I figured that I would show ya what I was working on.xD some space vampires (Blood Angels) sterngaurd captain WIP Castagon captain of the 5th company WIP The Sanguinor and how I am thinking to paint my skeletons what do you think?
  15. Vlad Von Carstien

    the new mantic games skeletens

    Hey guys I personally really love these as alternate models for out skeletons they are cheaper too. what do you think but for me its a great way to get some variety in your skeletons with a bit more of a medieval feel. xD
  16. Vlad Von Carstien

    WHFB - 7th vampire heros effect on blood knights?

    so with the whole frenzy overcharge buisness with blood knights if you have dredknight vampire in the unit does it anything for this?
  17. Vlad Von Carstien

    1000pt tounament list VC's

    k here it goes Vampire (general) 170pts -dark acolite -Lord of the Dead - The flayed haurberk Vampire (Goes with blood knights) 125pts -dred knight wight king 135pts BSB royal standerd of stigos 10 skeleten warroirs 110pts (wight king is in here) -champion -musician -standerd...
  18. Vlad Von Carstien

    some commisions that Ive been working on

    ok so in the past couple of mounths ive been working on some commisions I like how they have turned out what do you guys think
  19. Vlad Von Carstien

    WHFB - 7th Takining forbidden lore? do you have to pick your lore right away?

    so heres the question if you give a vampire forbidden lore in a tournament do you have to choose and pick the lore of magic you are going to use. (and your stuck with that.) or can you pick your lore for each game before it begins. say you run into anouther VC army lore of fire or want lore of...
  20. Vlad Von Carstien

    New painting thread

    So what has everyone been working on I need a little inspiration so everyone put up somthing cool they are in the process of painting or have just finished. Ready.. set... GO!... :zombie2:

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