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  1. beeblicon

    The Golden Bat Competition Summer 2010 - Sponsored by OG Games and Mantic

    Do my futuristic skeletons (converted from last edition plastic skeletons) for my 40k vampire counts conversion army qualify as "related to vc in some way"?
  2. beeblicon

    The Golden Bat Competition Summer 2010 - Sponsored by OG Games and Mantic

    Wooo, excited to get back to work with things, including this, nice!
  3. beeblicon

    H: ogres W: skellies, cash

    pm sent
  4. beeblicon

    8th rumours (some) confirmed

    I'll believe it when i see it, some of it still looks like crap. I've been around enough editions, i've seen so many rumours and things that were "Confirmed" even by "trusted people" never end up in the book.
  5. beeblicon

    Countdown from 10,000

    9 4 0
  6. beeblicon

    Countdown from 10,000

    9 4 4 oooooo
  7. beeblicon

    Would you survive Zombie Armageddon?

    Am i the only one to manage to not get a z+?
  8. beeblicon

    Countdown from 10,000

    1 0 3 2
  9. beeblicon

    Would you survive Zombie Armageddon?

    I dont even have to take the test, im chubby with short legs, zombies would eat me. At least i'd turn into one of them big zombies that give you lots of trouble. Brraaiinnnsss!
  10. beeblicon

    Countdown from 10,000

    1 2 7 0
  11. beeblicon

    Who would win in a Challenge? lol.

    RE: Who would win in a fight? lol thought i read something about them either making a slash first or going in somewhere with very little scales protecting it
  12. beeblicon

    Hypothetical Situation

    I think at that point the elves lift thier little magical protection stopping chaos from spilling forth into the world and just let chaos and nagash fight it out forever
  13. beeblicon


    Your missing out on the best army ever - Ogres :P
  14. beeblicon

    Ogres, pair

    @ vekarin yeah sure pirate!
  15. beeblicon

    Ogres, pair

    Ah yes, very good call on dirtying up the boots. Theres some gore on the iron fist its just a bad angle as for the always at a loss with bases, i just dont know what to do yet
  16. beeblicon

    New 8th rule rumours....We're nerfed!!!

    RE: New 8th rule rumurs....We're nerfed!!! Ok this is discussed in multiple multiple places already :P and dont get your panties in a bunch just yet I hear the percentages are as follows (and most rumours say this too) 25 percent MINIMUM core 25 percent MAXIMUM rare 25 percent MAXIMUM special...
  17. beeblicon

    Romans... in Warhammer

    Hehe one time i did a phalanx out of gobbo's, actually looked pretty sweet, easy plasticard larger shields and just big shield blocks. Whatcha want for the legionary bodies?
  18. beeblicon

    Ogres, pair

    Allo, painting some ogres, almost done but they are missing something, not sure how i should finish them off , any suggestions? thinking black and white striped pants or something
  19. beeblicon

    Incoming! Warhammer 8th edition is official.

    Hear hear! They moved away from percentages many additions ago cause they just didnt work. If they bring them back i dont know whats going on with them...its like they are just quickly pumping out rulesets with random new and past rules and seeing what it works. God i can see this edition...
  20. beeblicon

    Top WH Rules that do not make sense

    Yes, thats kinda why they go for the middleground, as accurate as they can get without being to bulky and time consuming New editions keep coming out cause they keep finding ways to improve and streamline things. We cant have everything of course, but there are still some silly things that...

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