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  1. MichaelX

    W: 8th ed vampire counts army book H; paypal

    Hi all, Title says it all.. but I'm looking for an 8th ed vampire counts army book! Hoping to find one on here! Cheers!
  2. MichaelX

    Halgar Hellgaze's doomseekers and Lord Krarqokatal's faithful

    Hey all, since I don't have any Tomb Kings or Vampires painted just yet I figured I might share some other armies I have. Warning... Photo bomb thread... My newest army, chaos dwarfs! Most are 3d printed. And my Lizardmen army.
  3. MichaelX

    Hello from Zharr Naggrund

    Hello fellow lovers of underground habitation and torture! I'm taking a break from whipping my hobgoblins and binding daemons to inspect your stronghold. I have to say I like what I'm seeing. I shall be perusing your content in the following days/weeks! I've been playing whfb for about 15...

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