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  1. Grave Tacticus

    Aviarch Spymaster counts as...

    I'm tying to decide what base size I should put my new Aviarch Spymaster on, and the main consideration is what he'll count as in play. I'm pretty much set on the Soulmason, as the Soul-guide spell seems more thematically appropriate to being an information specialist than the abilities of the...
  2. Grave Tacticus

    The Vulture Lord

    Article here. I'm excited for more OBR lore, and I'm digging the character. It would please me if they published an upgrade kit or specific model for Zothar.
  3. Grave Tacticus

    The End of Enlightenment

    I've started reading The End of Enlightenment. The prose is serviceable, which is high praise from me as I can barely stand most modern authors and their strict adherence to telling over showing. Otherwise, I'm finding myself in conflict over some of the narrative tools the author is using to...
  4. Grave Tacticus

    AoS - 3rd OBR Path to Glory 750 points

    Here's my 750 list. Due to our VP strategies, I'll want to get the Kavalos Deathriders in there as soon as I can, and then I'll likely reinforce the second Mortek Guard unit. Considering Bone-Tithe Shrieker as the Endless Spell, but Nightmare Predator might be good too. Allegiance: Ossiarch...
  5. Grave Tacticus

    Path to Glory Daughters of Khaine

    I'm helping my wife put together and field her first army. She's had the models in storage for a few years, but finally decided to jump into the game, perhaps my excitement over OBR rubbed off on her. We decided to have her start off at 600 points, which shook out to this list: Hagg Nar - 590...
  6. Grave Tacticus

    The Soulreaver Tithe Legion of the Obsidian Expanse

    The Obsidian Expanse encompasses a large landmass on the frontier of the Ossiarch Empire, where the dead of an ancient Aqshy civilization dwell in the basalt strewn land of long cooled magma and hollow mountains of jagged black stone. The living seeded by Sigmar's ambition to bring Shyish to...
  7. Grave Tacticus

    Ossiarch Bonereapers Name Generator

    Realm of Plastic put this little beauty together here.
  8. Grave Tacticus

    AoS - 3rd Anvil of Apotheosis

    The short description of creating your own characters in Age of Sigmar is that they're overcosted for what you get and should only be played in noncompetitive battles. However, if you're like me, and roleplaying or storytelling is a priority for your AoS experience, you'll want to dive in...
  9. Grave Tacticus

    AoS - 3rd Season of War

    Looks like I need to pick up Season of War: Thondia. I'm not especially inclined toward it, Ghur isn't my favorite place, but the Narrative and Match Play rules and battle packs are pretty compelling. I'm even tempted to pick up the terrain box, but I think I'll stick to my plan of purchasing a...
  10. Grave Tacticus

    Brainstorming a Soulreaper-Kavalos.

    Inspired by the OBR update in White Dwarf 472, specifically The Tithe Takers campaign, I'm brainstorming a conversion project that transforms the usual Liege-Kavalos into something a little more like a Soulreaper. As you may know, I'm a huge fan of the Mortisan Soulreaper/Executioner aesthetic...
  11. Grave Tacticus

    Arena of Shades Lore

    "None may steal from the God of Death. In the minds of Nagash's servants, this is an irrefutable law. There is an order to all things that must be observed; every departed soul is bound for Shyish, there to become one in the Supreme Lord of the Undead. In the bleak pits of his malice they are...
  12. Grave Tacticus

    AoS - 3rd Mortis Praetorians 1k

    Trample the Defiant basically makes one unit of Kavalos Deathriders mandatory in every list, I'm not upset about that or anything, OBR should probably run one unit anyway. After the Deathriders have taken some punishment, you can retreat them and set up a scenario where they and one of the other...
  13. Grave Tacticus

    AoS - 3rd Wargrove of Woe: Best and Worst Factions for New Players [Ossiarchs take 1st Worst]

    His opnion is when you play OBR, you don't learn how to play Age of Sigmar properly. I disagree, in order to pilot OBR, you need to know the rules backwards and forwards, otherwise you could get blindsided by your opponent, who, in fairness, if playing a slightly different game than you. Sure...
  14. Grave Tacticus

    AoS - 3rd Handbook: Ossiarch Bonereapers [Under Construction]

    Introduction Since my conversion to the Deathless Legions, I have been eagerly researching the tactica of the Ossiarch Bonereapers, in order to further the agenda of Necrotopia and make sound decisions in what and how to field the elite troops of Death. It would be a shame to squander this...
  15. Grave Tacticus

    Which Death faction(s) do you play?

    A census to find where our loyalties lie, and in what numbers for Age of Sigmar. If you would, share a little about why you play them too. As is well known, I have recently gone all-in on Ossiarch Bonereapers. Aside from Old Boney, I like the lore and personalities of the special characters and...
  16. Grave Tacticus

    AoS - 3rd List Analysis: Alice’s Ossiarch Bonereapers (from Goonhammer)

    Here I'm going to take a look at Alice "RagnarokAngel" Lirette's list that was posted on Goonhammer July 1st 2021. This was before White Dwarf 472 and the Ossiarch Bonereapers rules update that allowed us to get Relentless Discipline Points from battalions, so keep that in mind when you read...
  17. Grave Tacticus

    AoS - 3rd OBR 750 Starter List (Tithe-Echelon Battleforce)

    Should run fine under Petrifex Elite, but that's sort of a given for any generic character list. I settled for this particular point combination as it was only five short of 750, with what I'll have available. I don't think the Harvester will have too much trouble at this point bracket and might...
  18. Grave Tacticus

    AoS - 3rd Vampire Lord: 32mm or 40mm

    So, it looks like GW is maintaining a double standard on the Vampire Lord base. The new regular model comes with a 40mm base in the box, but the new alt Anasta Malkorion comes with a 32mm. Personally, I thought it was odd that the vampire lord would get a 40mm base when all of the other foot...
  19. Grave Tacticus

    Soulbound: Gravelords (Recruitment and OOC)

    Who wants to play in a game of Soulbound, wherein the characters are undead? Age of Sigmar setting, would like to keep a traditional Gothic Horror tone. Just need three or four players to start, and will craft the game to fit the group's overall narrative interests.

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