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  1. billybaker101

    2400 Local tourney list

    Hey guys im going to a local tournament in a couple of weeks and still havnt got my list carved in stone but have a list in mind it just seems a little predictable, i would love some fresh eyes and ideas on this maybe something obvious ive missed. WE are playing three games battle line a...
  2. billybaker101

    coven throne Bsb combo?

    I keep hearing people reference this recently but can't for the life of me work out what the benefit of this combo is can someone enlighten me?
  3. billybaker101

    2400 vs brets

    Hey guys just looking for some pointers. I'm playing against Bret's for the first time next weekend, and am looking for some guidance with my list. I'm thinking some thing along the lines of Vamp lord lv 2, HA, enchanted shield, book or arkhan, sword of might, talisman of pres Necro lv 1...
  4. billybaker101

    Dark aura

    Hey all just wanted some clarification on the dark aura if my mortis engine went ka -blamo in the combat phase would my nearby units keep their regen? If so would it be for the phase or the turn or until my following turn? Cheers
  5. billybaker101

    great weapons and skaven

    Hey all I'm playing a 3k game later against skaven and have a block of 40 GG, I'm struggling to work out whether great weapons will be better than sword and board I figure most of their stuff is toughness 3 or 4 so wounding on 4's with a 4+ armour or wounding on 2's with a 5+ armour I'm always...
  6. billybaker101

    use for ghouls

    Hey peeps. Ive just started using 35 ghouls in my list the idea being maybe something in our core could actually kill something but everything ive sent them against have destroyed them easily. Am I missing something? Anything with armour or a save just laughs as they crush them I lost almost 20...
  7. billybaker101

    Invo question

    Hey all so i was playing a game over the weekend when this question popped up. So i cast invocation and started bringing units back (to my opponents joy). So i rolled 2d6 for zombies 1d6 for ghouls and then it came to horrors and black knights no i have always played it 1d6 for infantry but my...
  8. billybaker101

    spectral hunter question

    Am I right in thinking that hexies cant march and use this rule?
  9. billybaker101

    Duplicate spells

    Hey all another question i wanted to throw your way i was rolling for my spells i had a lv 4 and a lv 2. The lv 4 rolled sig van hels curse and wind. The lv 2 rolled sig and van hells but my opponent then said you cant have duplicate spells on your wizards ive never heard this before and got to...
  10. billybaker101

    Red fury re rolls

    This question came up the other day during a game my vamp lord was in combat cast van hels in the magic phase before combat. Now he made like 3 wounds and then another 3 attacks with red fury. Would these be re rolls due to van hels??? Some one at the game seemed to think so but i thought you...
  11. billybaker101

    2400 tournament list

    Hey all ive got my 1st tourny coming up in may. Looking forward to it but im looking for advice im going to use a list that has been honed on this very forum thanks for that by the way. But now in this tourny it has three games meeting engagement battleline and blood and glory. Im wondering if...
  12. billybaker101

    hexwraith armor save??

    Just a thought that popped into my head earlier. As hex wraiths are mounted would that give them an armor save. I know they are ethereal and all that jazz but makes sense right? or am i way off the mark?
  13. billybaker101

    Tomb king tactics

    Hi all Just starting up an escalation league here at 500 points and got a match against Tomb kings.Even though they are undead i know nothing about them. i was planning on taking Necromancer lv 2 Seed of Rebirth 23x Zombies Standard Bearer 20x Zombies Standard 5x...
  14. billybaker101

    invo question

    Another question for you guys. Im running a bk bus with a vl and wk and all the knights are killed. If I cast invo will it raise the knights back as the vl and wk are part of the unit? Or once the last model has gone is that it? Reason I ask is from what I gather they wouldnt give up vp's unless...
  15. billybaker101

    nightshroud and quickblood

    Hey all just had a thought im rocking a bk bus with vamp blender and a wight king with nightshroud. Is the quickblood still needed if you have the asl from the ns? Would be great to have some more points for other treats.
  16. billybaker101

    2V2 OG DE skaven VC

    Hey all ive just found out im having a 2v2 game of 2400 points soon. We dont know which player we will be allied with until the day. So i know you cant tailor a list too much but i have two possible lists and would love some feedback on whether you think it could work against these guys. A lot...
  17. billybaker101

    Armour saves

    Hey all just wanted to get my head round something. If a character gets his Armour save up to a 1 + say a wight king with ha shield barded and night shroud or dragonhelm or something how does that translate? Does that make it re rollable or does that mean he will always pass if he is attacked by...
  18. billybaker101

    Against Skaven Tactics

    So i have a match against skaven on the weekend at 2k points and am looking for useful tactics and hints as to what works and what to avoid. All i know of his list is that he is rocking up a screaming bell.Is this something to be weary of? Is it best to tarpit or try and take it out asap...
  19. billybaker101

    Tg fly move

    Hey all another noob question for ya. When the tg flies can it reform before and after flight?
  20. billybaker101

    So 2k now, pointers appreciated

    Hey all Finished my game against DE and won realtivley easily even after forgetting fear and terror tests as well as a host of other rules. A big part of that was the lists you guys keep helping with. So the points are up to 2k now and im looking to squeeze in a load more goodies. Ive tried...

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