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  1. Ordo Cruentus

    Back to being a Ghoul

    Is that normal? I had a different phrase under my name before, that I had purchased with my Zombies...
  2. Ordo Cruentus

    [WFRP 2ed] Interest - Night's Dark Masters

    I have wanted to play a game of WFRP 2ed that allowed content from this book for so long...And yet no RL GM allows it, which while understandable, is sad because it is fantastic. So, hopefully there is someone out there. That special someone who would GM such a wondrous game for myself, and...
  3. Ordo Cruentus

    [Deathwatch] Interest in a Space Wolves game?

    How to make all of the Specialties work in the same game if everyone is a Space Wolf, and they all break into different Squads, you might ask? Easy! -Make them all members of the Wolf Guard! A group known for being highly individualistic, and added for merit, rather than part of a ranking...
  4. Ordo Cruentus

    Space Wolves - The only truly "good guys" in 40k

    *WARNING: INCOMING RANT I was just thinking about this the other day... The Imperium as a whole is obvious evil-space-Nazi-Catholic-Church/Roman-Empire, so they clearly suck on the Macro-level. And I would say that on the Micro, most (all) named IG regiments are what we would consider...
  5. Ordo Cruentus

    Blood and Snow: The Memoirs of Timur Volkov

    "I do not remember who I was before...the prison. Taksemeeya Prison erased me, down to the soul. Who was I before those cold walls? A farmer? A Boyar? I do not know. I sometimes have flashes during the long hours of the day when I slumber. But they fall away from my mind every time I try to...

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