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  1. SotF

    Weathered Bronze/Brass/Copper

    Stumbled onto a rather useful video tutorial that I've ended up using a lot recently and figured there might be a few others here who would get some use out of it... While it is largely done for statues, a lot of the VC armor, weapons, and other things seem to take to this kind of thing...
  2. SotF

    SotF Reviews

    First off, while this may add a bunch of undead later on, I kind of stumbled onto a skirmish game that I wanted to play that kind of hit a lot of those "THIS IS AWESOME" triggers...namely Ronin, a samurai skirmish that, unless you're going to be an ass and go for a peasant only army which can...
  3. SotF

    GoG's Giving Away Torchlight for free

    Been bouncing around to a few places I post at that might have an interest, but Good Ol' Games is giving away Torchlight for free for 48 hours. \ Link
  4. SotF

    Phantom Pages

    I'm using Firefox as my browser. The issue is that occasionally threads seem to spawn extra pages that don't really exist. I assume that the situation is when it's on the verge of adding a new page, but if you click the link inside the thread then you get an odd error page that states that it...
  5. SotF

    Beware The Frozen Dark

    First off, the camera I'm using isn't the best for getting detail correct on minis, with both some odd color shifting and zoom issues. I've done my best to correct them, but those are current issues as I'm not willing to shell out a lot for a better camera when the one I have works for most uses...
  6. SotF

    Zombie Pirates

    With the massive game coming up (where the rules are still being somewhat hammered out), a friend handed me a copy of the Zombie Pirates list since I have been having some minor issues figuring out my lists for it. What is known about the battle are to make it epic as the manager of the store...
  7. SotF

    Dealing With Annoyances

    Was playing at the local store earlier. The night is also the weekly board game night the shop sponsors which had most of the in store tables taken up, leaving four of the 16 tables open for other gaming. One of those was taken by someone running a D&D game, one by someone playing the Axis &...
  8. SotF

    Terrorgeist Base?

    It's not listed in the sticky, so what size base is used for the Terrorgeist? I think I may have found a possible alternate model for my army and I'm trying to figure the basing out as well
  9. SotF


    Well, it's November and NaNoWriMo has begun. For those who don't know, it's national novel writing month, a yearly challenge for people to write a 50,000+ word story over a single month. It's a fun thing to attempt. Anyone else doing this, I figure I might post completed portions of mine on CN...
  10. SotF

    Free Exacto Blade

    Just noticed THIS and figured I'd give the heads up to everyone.
  11. SotF

    Turkey Shoot (Free Game I designed)

    Rules Found Here For the basics, it's a cooperative miniature survival game with a competitive point based element. The name is a Jurassic Park reference to certain Six Foot Turkeys that got loose there. Originally, I wrote the game around thanksgiving as an event type game but figured...

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