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  1. Tim

    New Black Knights

    Doing the same thing.
  2. Tim

    Number of Grave Guard to take in 2000 pts

    In smaller games I take up to 20, and 2000+ usually up to 40 depending going 5/7/10 wide. I would use the extra points om versatility and have more different type of units instead of sinking more in grave guard.
  3. Tim

    Summon creatures of the night is basically the best thing ever.

    You are talking about item ruby ring of something, don't have to book on me. I like the Creatures of the night thing, when I'm done painting most my stuff going to get some more wolves and bats to incorporate this in most of my lists when possible.
  4. Tim

    Snow & Ice themed base questions

    So does the official product turn yellow after years and does it give a better realism effect to warrant its price tag?
  5. Tim

    Snow & Ice themed base questions

    On a related topic, how does baking soda compare to an "official" base product like GW basing tub snow? Has anyone tried any terrain product and bicarbonate of soda and how does it compare?
  6. Tim

    Show us your Dire Wolfs (Doom Wolf)

    I like the wings, makes me think about doing this for a fell bat conversion.
  7. Tim

    What to do with extra bitz? - Crypt Horrors

    Still debating on what I will do, one thing I was thinking about is use the parts to build them like they are coming out of a swamp, complete with swamp goo dragging and dropping as the come out(thought about glue gun glue). This way I thought don't need to sculpt bodies in great detail.
  8. Tim

    Special Characters

    I like to field Kemmler and Krell, they where favorites back when I played Undead, happy they are back. Vlad and Isabella where also fielded sometimes in my undead army, happy they both good enough to play again. Think the SC are balanced alright in power, Lord Mannfred no ward saves but he has...
  9. Tim

    Blood Knights?

    They are kind of ugly? The GW Blood Knights are very pretty miniatures, if you only want to play the game and don't give much about esthetics mantics are fine, unless you want to play in GW stores and events, they usually wont allow it.
  10. Tim

    What is your Signature?

    I think I picked it up out of a book by Scott Adams (Dilbert) or maybe I read it somewhere else, where ever I picked it up from, I liked it and it stuck with me.
  11. Tim

    What is your Avatar?

    I saw this pic somewhere now its my avatar, Count 123 smacking a twilight vampire = winning!
  12. Tim

    What is your username?

    Tim, simple, it's the short version of my given name.
  13. Tim

    Blood Knights?

    Since the new book we have a few new tricks. Bat swarms vs high elves, have those knights charge together with them, since the bats give always strike last. Against canons you could try to have fell bats or vargheit try to get in combat with the crew as soon as possible, they can't shoot in...
  14. Tim

    Info on Tao Bao

    Omg that I never thought of this...:slapface: My girlfriend is Chinese... No problems reading this... Next time I need something will check here too.
  15. Tim

    WK's and Generals

    I found an nice Indy store and after that never set foot in a GW again, the indy store had a nicer bunch of people and staff.
  16. Tim

    Any Reason to Take the Strigoi Ghoul King?

    I haven't found a reason to use a SGK yet over a VL but he can be build a certain way to be the most potent combat lord you can take, given the poison attacks and inf. hatred and higher I. My style of play is a more potent magic VL so I have no use for those extra combat tricks.
  17. Tim


    I'm not sure, I thought only fliers can do that(like the Pegasus knights), need to check BRB and Codex to be sure. Edit* Pyre was faster then me.
  18. Tim

    WK BSB in Unit of Crypt Horrors?

    Why not put him in a unit grave guard with sword and board to same effect? You WK will be more protected vs shooting in the nit too. Maybe I'm biased to grave guards since I like them better. I wouldn't do it because the WK can be picked of with shooting/magic. I could imagine vs certain armies...
  19. Tim

    Forge World Skin Wolves

    Wow, I like them a lot, I might steal your idea.

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