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  1. Zephyr

    Dead forum?

    Keeping an eye on stuff here... Sad to say that AoS has killed of mine, and others I played with, interest a lot and neither 9th Age or KoW haven't really picked up in my scene either. Fantasy has really kicked the bucket over here and it has been really demotivating to finish up my VC. It's...
  2. Zephyr

    The 9th Age 9th Age: TMS Kickstarter for Vampire Covenant

    Damn...I really like what I'm seeing here. The zombie dragon will be a masterpiece if it's the same sculpting quality as the 3D prints.
  3. Zephyr

    Eighth Edition News

    Already did two playtests with the leaked rules and it's just a way better game than the bloated 7th. Too bad my 30K Word Bearers will still be stuck with 7th rules but oh well. HH works a lot better anyway. They took the stuff that worked from AoS and left behind the things that don't work so...
  4. Zephyr

    Picking up the hobby again...but first moving out of my old place.

    Picking up the hobby again...but first moving out of my old place.
  5. Zephyr

    Voting Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Fleshy Undead Hero on Foot

    @Borgnine ...the sheer insane amount of detailed paintwork and conversion. Just what I think a BSB should look like. A real centerpiece. @Farmer7574 for the crisp paint-job and nicely finished base. These two really stuck out but all of the entries were well done so kudos to all of you!
  6. Zephyr

    The 9th Age The 9th Heim

    Thank you for posting! I'm certainly going to give these a try soon.
  7. Zephyr


    Playing 7th here with a group of friends. AoS is completely dead here, only my local GW store holds some games now and then which attracts the same five people over and over again. Too bad 9th isn't as popular but there's a bit of a 'must be official' fetish going on here. KoW is played but not...
  8. Zephyr

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    Holy hells that is one insane freehand cloak you got there!
  9. Zephyr

    Age of Nagash - update March 22 - Bonemold Shinguard

    Interested to see where this is going, looking to become a grand army.
  10. Zephyr

    What's going on in your life?

    Huh...a board outside. No way you could do that over here. It'll get wrecked in ten minutes flat...or puked on...or *redacted* Anyway, life's still going well but darn it I hardly have the time to get on here anymore which bites (pun intended) because I have once again started painting my VC...
  11. Zephyr

    New Archaon!

    *sighs* ain't that the truth! I love a lot of their big plastic kits but I HATE transporting them! I've never been a fan of magnetizing except for 30 and 40K for teh weapon options but the last four years I'm going nuts on magnets with my Fantasy stuff as well.
  12. Zephyr

    New Archaon!

    I think the model is...too much. It's not a bad sculpt at all but IMO there's just too much going on. Also, I hate the lack of Slaanesh. To me Chaos will always be the big four despite what happens in the AoS fluff. I don't even dislike the AoS fluff that much actually.
  13. Zephyr

    What's going on in your life?

    Shit...just sprayed chocolate milk all over my desk...thanks! :P
  14. Zephyr

    Possible return of specialist games

    There are job openings for this new team on the official website. I'm really excited for this but hopefully the games will not change too much in their new incarnation. I play all the Specialist Games except for Gorkamorka so I say bring it! If the rules aren't to my taste I will at least have...
  15. Zephyr

    What's going on in your life?

    Okay haven't been on for long but only because of good things! Store is taking off and is no longer costing any money but hauling it in. Had a hefty profit last convention we attended too and if it continues to grow like this I'm going to have a full-time job again soon. Also, out of the blue...
  16. Zephyr

    what ive been up to as of late (moved)

    Damn that is awesome work! You've got talent. Wish I could do something like that but I'm stuck with 2D art...alas.
  17. Zephyr

    What are you listening to

    Going to see these guys live Sunday. Can't wait!
  18. Zephyr

    Mordheim designer's notes

    Very cool find and awesome to read. I still love playing Mordheim and so do many others. If you put love into a game, gamers will love it in return. Mordheim is just one of those immortal games.
  19. Zephyr

    Army of the Night King (Frost Spiders)

    That's...a lot of zombies. Awesome army, just the sheer size of it is impressive enough. Wait a minute...nekkid zombie celts? :P Do it!
  20. Zephyr

    The Army of the Dark Prince

    Cool army (yeah I know lame...hardy-har-har). I really love the theme though. Always wanted to do a winter-themed army myself. The skin-colors you did use contrast nicely with all the blues.

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