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  1. beeblicon

    Ogres, pair

    Allo, painting some ogres, almost done but they are missing something, not sure how i should finish them off , any suggestions? thinking black and white striped pants or something
  2. beeblicon

    Raised from the dead!

    Happy zombie jesus day!
  3. beeblicon

    H - black coach/vc W=paypal/woc/ogres

    Hey all i got a new black coach (in box still wrapped) 18 old style skelies 30 zombies an old vlad and isabella and reaper miniatures skeleton w/standard (looks awesome) Vampire on winged nightmare - unpainted/unassembled but missing lance arm ( tho i have many suitable replacements including...
  4. beeblicon

    I like em big

    Im starting to wish 8th really ramps it up for bigger games This edition of fantasy is just...soo...bland... i dont like it one bit I'd like to see some objectives in battles! and more flavour to things The best thing imho fantasy has going for it over 40k is that fantasy is easier...
  5. beeblicon

    Go ye! watch YE!

    If you havent seen the new tv series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, go watch it, its amazing!! the first episode is the worst, after that its frigin sick!
  6. beeblicon

    Fantasy suprise

    Anyone else hearing a rumour that a space hulk like fantasy game is on the horizon for this year sometime after the release of 8th??? first thought in my head --->HEROQUEST! HERRRROOOQUESSSTT!! omg i am excited in my pants
  7. beeblicon

    WHFB - 7th Stupid characters inside units

    Yeah im a nub what happens if you have a stupid character inside a unit?
  8. beeblicon

    The non dip dip look!

    Well, i dont quite have time to do a tutorial with pictures for a few days, but i can tell you how to do it yourself -- this look emulates the "dipped look" that you see going around, but with citadel paints instead. get a pot of 'ardcoat and devlan mud, mix a little bit of water and ardcoat...
  9. beeblicon

    Broken 2k

    NOTE THIS IS PURELY THEORETICAL - it should not be used as it is extremely cheesebeard As per the unholy lodestone thread, i got thinking about the most broken 2k list you can have, here it is Vampire lord +1 magic level, 255 MOBA, Dark Acolyte, summon creatures, 95 black periapt, helm...
  10. beeblicon

    Beeb needs help - 2v2 HANK!

    Hey all, got invited to a 2v2 this weekend, i'll be joined by brets and we'll be pitted against Empire and Dark elves, its 1000 points per player (2k per side) Now, i know the empire player is using a stank, and i know the DE player is using a hydra...ouch i also know my partner is using...
  11. beeblicon

    H: PP Skellingtons W: Ogres/Cash

    Ok, so im selling my completed unit of skeles (more pics in my plog), no im not quitting VC's i just have a lot of skellies and would rather pick up some other things. If your interested just pm me an offer, im pretty reasonable, paypal pls
  12. beeblicon

    H: skeletons W: skel...e...tons?

    Nyeh nyeh nyeh, thats right I want your bones! im lookin to trade some new skeleton parts, basically, im looking for the chest and leg pieces that have little to no armor what so ever on them (or rags for that matter). So if any of you want im willing to trade away all my armored skelies...
  13. beeblicon

    A short vampiress story

    They were so close now they could feel it. “Grundh, order the march, we are upon them” a figure spoke as he rose from examining the tracks in the snow covered mud “we shall have our revenge”. The order came from Thoth, a thick man clad in scale and leather. Thoth glared at Grundh...
  14. beeblicon

    VC 40k - Physiology Of a Fiend

    In addendum to the other threads here, which discuss a lot of society and tech that the cythor fiends have, i think it would be prudent to start a seperate discussion about the physiology or looks of a cythor fiend What we know: - 7+ feet tall, strong, leering jaws with sharp teeth, bulging...
  15. beeblicon

    CR Deathstar

    Not really sure if this belongs in this section of the forum, but I was just thinking, seeing all the deathstars, of an alternate grave guard deathstar i just love the shield/sword look, but great weapons unfortunately are a btter choice but what if you did an all cr deathstar...
  16. beeblicon

    WHFB - 7th Single characters crumbling

    ok, just to make sure i got this correct i charged some dude with a single vampire on foot combat was a draw, but he was mounted so i was outnumbered, he won by 1 I then loose a wound (which killed me) thats correct right? single characters, even vargulfs, that loose in cc, take...
  17. beeblicon

    Help me make my Wight list competitive

    A'llo all so after some consideration, i wanted to do a VC army with some nifty conversions and an icy blue paint theme (im sure you've seen it) well, i've decided i wanna do an army led by Wight kings, im imagining an army of darkness type army here, with skeleton lords ruling over them...
  18. beeblicon

    WHFB - 7th Just a quick vampy rule

    Characters on thier own still crumble if they loose a combat right? I charged a dude with a single character on food, no wounds were done on either side but he was mounted so outnumbered me. Was then informed i crumbled and died (i was at 1 wound, so taking 1 more means poof) Reading...
  19. beeblicon

    ZPP's! Just how many zombies do you need?

    Just how many zombies do you need? how many zombies do you have per point? BRAIIINSSSSSS Right now i got 1.5k points of vampire counts, magic heavy i have 40 zombie models which i use for summoning, however, im finding this number JUST shy of what i need my goal army size is 3k...
  20. beeblicon

    Wishfull thinking for 8th

    so if you guys got to have a say in the rumoured upcomming 8th edition what would you wish to change about the rules, the way the rules are released, or the content? Me, personally, i'd like to see meaty meaty change, kinda like the switch from 2nd 40k to 3rd 40k, i'd like to see information...

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