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  1. Danceman

    Who dare disturb my slumber? Ah, greetings once more!

    It is wonderful to see this place back to unlife again. Even more wonderful to spy some old faces from the WHFB days. I'm not super into AoS anymore but undeath follows me into other systems (such as Malifaux) but I still have a small army of the undead shuffling about. Just wanted to go bump...
  2. Danceman

    1750 of DE

    1750 on the mark. Haemic(PB,Liq) 3 wracks; Venom(XSC): 5 warriors; 1 Blaster; Venom(XSC) 5 warriors; 1 Blaster; Venom(XSC) 4 TB(4 blasters); Venom(XSC) 4 TB(4 blasters); Venom(XSC) 8 Mandrakes;(Nightwraith) 5 Khy, 4 Razr, 3 BMs 7 Scourges; 2 HWL 7 Scourges; 2 HWL...
  3. Danceman

    Stephen King's new Vampire-horror comic series

    Finally! Here we finally get to see that someone gets it. No more stupid love interest, no more random falling in love with some girl who "just is special" for no other reason than the plot demands her to be. We're back to the mythical dark creatures on the night. Killers, not a collection of...
  4. Danceman

    2000 points of epic... win?

    2000 Points; Vampire Lord; level 3: 445 - Dark Acolyte - Walking Death - Infinite Hatred - Avatar of Death(Great Weapon) = Flayed Hauberk = Crown of Damnation = Ruby Ring Vampire; 195 - Forbidden Lore(Heavens) - Summon Ghouls = Helm of Commandment = Staff of Channeling Necromancers; VDM, IoN...
  5. Danceman

    Beastemen question ; Blood and Glory + Despoiler

    This arose over at the Herdstone; ...and I cannot find anything which forbids it(or any reason why I'd deny them this). The first arguement against I saw was "Banners aren't standards" but then anyone who's played warhammer for more than a few games knows these are interchangable and it...
  6. Danceman

    The Death of a Vampire: Confessions of a veteran gamer

    * This post is not an 8th edition rant. This post is not about VC dropping/rising in power. Now that we've got that out of the way and you've read my overly dramatic thread-title I supposed I better explain myself! Anyways, this post is about time, not about having time, but about time...
  7. Danceman

    8th edition and the new army list standard

    There have been wild debates about this all around. I ask you which makes more sense to you in a tournament envoirment? Feel free to add you motivation as well.
  8. Danceman

    Common Magic Items Rumours

    This not from me, personally, but a german forum; ------- I tried and gathered some more informations, this time all about the new magic items. Since I am from Germany, I write just down the German names of the items. All items, point costs removed from post.
  9. Danceman

    Daemons, 2250 points. 8th edition thoughts

    Commentary in italics Characters: 785 Great Unclean One; level 3: 560 - mucus Right, bit tight on points here but this one is potentially one hell of a juggernaught. Infatry as are faster and with M6 + 2D6 charge it is not going to be very easy to avoid this creature. Add in the 'Crush'...
  10. Danceman

    2250 of the "8th edition"

    I am, right now, going to try out the vampire counts army as a more restrained in the character selection and also in some way make individual units more self-sufficient. Vampire; level 2: 200 - Dark Acolyte - Avatar of Death(HA+Shield) - Book of Arkhan - Sword of Might Vampire; level 2: 175...
  11. Danceman

    The 'I Love' Thread

    Enough with the negativity. Let's share the good things in life, remember them and, indeed, enjoy them to the fullest... Doesn't have to be any special list, just random thing, a good experience, or a movie, food, whatever really! Just let the good times flow! I love mornings when I wake...
  12. Danceman

    New Beastmen Rumours!

    Something I grabed off the herdstone, looks very nice from my point of view! I am so going to include atleast two giant pigs :vampire2: Cheers, dmn.
  13. Danceman

    "Fixing Vampire Counts" - Necromancy spells

    What is the most common complaint? The reason we're being classed as a broken army? Our magic, vanhels and IoN namely. Invocation of Nehek; The default spell and also in a very real way our trademark. The ability to recast it over and over again is very good indeed. Why is it so powerful...
  14. Danceman

    2250 of Tomb Kings

    Given the other discussion I thought I'd post my current list. Tomb King : 265pts - Destroyer of Eternities - Collar of Shapesh Tomb Prince : 176pts - Flail - Light Armour - Chariot ; Chariot of Fire Priest (Hierophant) : 165pts - Cloak of Dunes - Hieratic jar Priest : 165pts...
  15. Danceman

    2250pts of Hard hitting bones

    Vampire Lord; lvl 3; Hellsteed: 470 - Infinite Hatred, Red Fury, Walking death = Wristbands of Black Gold, Power Stone, Sword of Might, Nightshroud Wight King; BSB: 170 - Barding, Heavy armour, Shield - The Gem of Blood, Sword of Kings Vampire: 200 - inf.hatred, Dread Knight = Dispel Scroll...
  16. Danceman

    WHFB - 7th Warhammer FAQ. Part Deux

    ...and here is the link! Some really interesting clarifications and grey areas erased, for example magic lances on foot = no more lance or magic weapon, time to start swinging your hand...
  17. Danceman

    WHFB - 7th Banner of Sundering(DoC FAQ) Good news for VC

    IoN are not considered apart of the Lore of Vampires. Neither is Drain Magic but that is not for us obviously. And as far as for our undead cousins, the nehekharan magic is not considered to be a lore and so remain completely unaffected by banner of sundering and the tzeentch spell glean magic...
  18. Danceman

    2250pts. All-Comers list. "Blood" (updated)

    At a distance, it was not much more than a larger ruin. If you were to step closer though you would scarecly believe what you laid your eyes upon. You would see large walls, crumbled towers hidden away from travellers with thick undergrowth, tree whichs branches snaked their way up against the...
  19. Danceman

    Time to step down

    Yepp, time to step down. No longer very that active in the hobby(more modeller than gamer these days). Dont play VC and generally feel a lack of interest to go through the boards. So yeah, probably wont be around much. Wont completely disappear from the site, just dont think I deserve to be...
  20. Danceman

    The Lost Bloodlines of the Vampire Counts.

    There are little or no mention of these 2 lost bloodlines in the book. Since it isnt all that easy to get a quick reference to this kind of information I think it will be a good thing to sticky this as well: THE JADE-BLOODED : To invite mortals to the battlefield is to cast pearls before...

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