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    Big units vs Multplie units

    I've been toying a lot with list building and I'm currently musing over taking larger units vs multiple units. For some units like Skeletons, Skeletons archers or Grave Guard it's pretty obvious imo that you want large units. For zombies you want multiple small units that will merge later...
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    General handbook FAQ is out

    https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Errata/Warhammer_aos_generals_handbook_en.pdf The command trait isn't so good now. It only apply if you are in the range of the general.
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    New player seeking advices

    Hi, I started playing WFB at the very end of 8th editions. I got into it because I loved the End Time storyline and built myself an undead army. I never got into AoS because I quite frankly I hated the fluff and the silly rules. No points was the nail in the coffin and also killed WFB at my...
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    2500 UL vs The Throng of metal

    Short version : I got my ass handed to me. My list: Vlad (Doom & Darkness, Miasma, IoN) Tomb King with GW and Death Mask Master Necro lvl 4 vampire (IoN, Hellish Vigor, Curse of the Years, Gaze of Nagash) Lich Priest (Desert Wind) 40 Skeleton Full command Screaming Banner 40 Zombie Mus and...
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    Vlad Von Carstein motarch of shadow

    I would like to discuss the different possibility for fielding Vlad. He's always been my favorite character and he had an awesome showing in End Time so I would like to know how you guys would field him? The most obvious way is to put him in a block of Grave Guards. Add banner of barrows and...
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    Alternative model for mounted vampire

    I'm very sorry if it has been answered elsewhere but I could not find anything. Anyone has a suggestion for an alternative model for mounted vampire? I really disliked the GW one. I could find some sweet model on Reapermini but none of them is mounted...
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    New player : 2400 Undead Legion

    Hi. I'm new to this place and fairly new to fantasy (long time 40k player). In March we have the largest WFB tournament around here and I'm planning to attend it for the first times. I'm a huge undead fan so I started to build a list. I played 2 games so far, adjusting my list each times...